Thursday, December 15, 2011

Off to the hospital we go

So, Aidan's temperature had not gone down by yesterday morning, so his doctor's decided to admit him to the hospital.  We thought that he needed a little extra help getting better!  Turns out the pneumonia was not being affected by oral antibiotics, and needed the IV  ones to get through.  it was a significant size in his right lung, so he just needs a few days here.  I think we'll be able to go home tomorrow. 

The plus side, is that my mother-in-law is literally down the hall of the same floor- we are in pediatrics- she is in the rehab- so I've been able to stop in a few times each day and say hey, and check on how she is doing. 

Mike had to stay home with Calli, but it seems like he needed it - he is coming down with a terrible cold!  People, we could not script this drama!  Nevertheless, we smile, laugh and keep moving forward! 

An interesting thing happened...I brought Aidan in and apparently was supposed to just bring him right to the peds. floor, but I  stopped at registration instead.  As we were getting Aidan into the system, a conversation  came up about the recent events of our life, and the woman registering us, began to tear up and stopped what she was doing, and told me that her 13 year old son died from a Glioblastoma in his brain.  Her daughter was Aidan's age when her brother died, and now 6 years later, she is telling me how wonderful her doctors at CHOP were. 

What are the odds?  So this morning, the nurse manager of the pediatric floor came in with a big gift bag for us from.....Carmen the mom from yesterday.  As she handed me the bag, she too told me that her own father died at 54 from a Glioblastoma.

It is strange the events that unfold, that people in our paths, and us in people's paths.  Calli is an inspiration...I feel nothing but JOY and contentment right now.  God is still good.  I may be tired, and worn out physically, I may have a really good cry in the shower and release my emotions...but there is such an inner peace that envelops me.  I can do nothing but trust God for the order and number of our days, I can control my reaction- well...sometimes I don't, but God .... then there is God and His mercy and Grace.

Gotta go- blessings to you!


  1. Sounds like a good life to me :) Everyone needs a mountain or two to climb in life or we'd be weak and have no vision. Picture the Rockies, the view can be spectacular!
    Well, with that, gotta go put in the Sound of Music <3 Love ya.

  2. Lucy - you can DO ALL THINGS THRU CHRIST WHO STREGTHENS YOU!!! Somtimes we are brought to the most trying moments in our lives just so we can see our Lord at work in us and those around us. Love you sis.

  3. I didn't know about Aiden. I'm so sorry.


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