Saturday, January 28, 2012

Christmas pictures-

I never posted Christmas pictures :)  I mean, I posted pics of us putting up our tree- but nothing after that- so here are some :)

It was the week before Christmas, and we had only bought one mutual gift for our kids.  We did not have a lot of money to spend either.  That week, Montgomery County Bikers Against Child Abuse showed up at our house and gave Calli and Aidan two big bags of presents- what a blessing!  They also gave them money and gift cards to get presents with.

That week we were  also given  two cards with money for us to buy Christmas Presents- we were blessed, and knew that God was providing through kind and giving people.  Thank you so much!!!!!!

I made sticky buns, they were NOT as good as my Mama's though :(

A note from "Santa" (aka Aidan) to us, apparently we forgot the milk and cookies this year!-and he spelled Christmas wrong too! lol

lol- gotta love it!

READY!  "Mom, I need a new robe."

Wanted to keep sleeping....

Calli wanted to keep sleeping too!

Aidan was up and ready to go, so I gave him a sticky bun :)

Our "Karate Kid!"- actually TKD Kid!

all he wanted was Reese's :)


She still loves paper dolls, and napkin folding!!!

It says TaeKwon-Do

Calli LOVES music boxes...well the inside parts- so I found these tiny music box insides and she loves cranking them and watching the gears work!

Mike picked out this one especially for her....

She likes it!

Do you know how hard it is to find a small pearl set in white gold?-
 Calli, got a purity ring from Mike.  Her birthstone is a pearl.  SO, all the pearl rings out there are gaudy and huge and set in gold!  Mike went thru scores of them picking just the right one.  When he did pick it, I went on Zales website, and we were so blessed, it was on CLEARANCE.  I mean what rings are on clearance at Christmas?  We were so blessed!
Aidan got a guitar!

We had a simple and quiet Christmas Day

Calli used her new napkin folding book, and made these!

Isn't it cute?

So, I love to cook, and with Calli having NO appetite, I wanted her and Aidan to pick out everything they wanted me to make.  I went all out- Prime Rib Roast, Garlic green beans, Roasted Asparagus with homemade Bearnaise sauce, Steamed Snow Peas, Homemade Macaroni & cheese(Mike's request- lol), homemade rolls, and Honey Mint Carrots!  It was SO YUMMY!!!!
Butchy waiting for some fat
I had my siblings over a few days after Christmas- and THIS is the only picture I took!  OF THE FOOD!  It was so yummy too!  Green Beans with a Dijon almond sauce, Oyster stuffing(for my brother), Pork Rib Roast with a Dijon thyme salt rub, caramelized onions and baby portebella mushrooms, make ahead twice baked mashed potatoes and roasted zucchini.

 We had Christmas at The Birches with Mike's mom and siblings.  This year was the first year it was not at her home :(  It was different, and a little strange, but we all had a simple good time.  Things change, and we have to embrace change

Calli, Grandmom & Aidan

Kayla, Grandmom & Tiffany

Kayla, Chris, April, Autumn, Grandmom & Tiffany

Linda & her oldest son, Chris

Amanda, Zack, Grandmom & Alyssa

Lori, Alyssa, Zack, Jeff, Amanda & Grandmom

Linda & her middle son, Jeff

Aidan, Lucy, Mike, Calli & Grandmom

Linda and her youngest son,  Mike

Amanda, Lori & Alyssa

Grandmom & Aidan (12)

Grandmom & Calli (14)
Grandmom & Amanda(16)

Grandmom & Alyssa (14)

Grandmom & Zack (12)

Grandmom & Kayla (13)

Grandmom & Tiffany (13)
SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!  All teenagers now!  Kayla, Amanda, Alyssa, Calli & Tiffany

Such a good group of Grandkids!

Amanda, Zack and Alyssa (Jeff & Lori's children)


Alyssa, Aidan & Amanda
Mom and her boys

Aidan, Lucy, Mike, Calli and Grandmom

Lucy, Mike and Linda
Group PHOTO!

All the grandkids and Grandmom

Such a cool idea on the steps!  Thanks LORI!

Thanks to Becky Leatherman Adams, for taking our pictures!

So that was Christmas- I hope you enjoyed the pics!