Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Today was an ALL beach day :)  The water was so calm and clear today.  We had so much fun, soaking up the sun, swimming in  the waters, kayaking, snorkeling and relaxing.  
I'm set!  I actually completed 16 crossword puzzles, I felt so satisfied and my brain was happy :)

no one but us in the water

See the guy up the walk?  he brought us cold water all day long, and they have all the towels there,and you can order from them and they will bring out food to you- we brought our own peanut butter and jelly and snacks :)

our cabanas- Calli was able to take shaded naps and breaks- I was able to bake




The summer they never had

It was SO bright!

She kept her hat on as much as possible

she floated, it was super salty- we all floated-

So empty!  We were blessed with no crowds

so maybe this will be my screen saver
Mike tried Kayaking first

time for more sunscreen Calli & taking a break from the sun!
 I applied 100 to her face, neck back and head, several times through the day, she had 60 on her arms and legs.  She still got a tan!

totally chillin

This is Aidan and me Kayaking- he argued with me the whole time, that I did not know what I was doing

I think we did ok :)

I had a lot of fun

Now...Mike and I were going to try to Kayak

We started off well....

Then, um...well, a picture is worth a 1000 words right?

yeah, it didn't work

He says, "Try and get in now,"  I was like, no thanks- lets go back to the beach and try it again.

Calli's foot

Now, I'm gonna get in the back and see if we balance better...for some reason we are going opposite directions


so so funny, everyone was laughing at us- lol

Calli's turn to try with Dad!

He had a plan, Calli don't move!

almost tipped

They made it!

Mike dove down 15 feet and found a starfish, but the guy made him put it back

Aidan made a sand Castle

And a trench

I made a drippy castle, they are my favorite

After showers, we drove into downtown Providenciales, and went to the CONCH SHACK.  It truly is a shack, but it was my absolute favorite place that we ate.  The food was cheap and delicious!

CONCH FRITTERS- so yummy!- we also had the jerk chicken, and fried fish- SO yummy!

They have conch lined paths, conch lights, conch shells everywhere!
Calli picked out a nicely cleaned conch- we still have our smelly ones too though!!!
we ate on the back porch

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  1. This looks SO relaxing and fun! And the photo's are GORGEOUS!


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