Thursday, December 8, 2011


This morning, Mike decided to use the conch that Calli got the night before, to wake up Aidan.....

He did not like that so much!  They are very loud- hey Mike, did you ever read Lord of the Flies?  


our table
Each morning, we would go down to the continental breakfast buffet, where there was an abundance of fresh fruit- mangoes, bananas, pineapple, grapefruit, strawberries, cantaloupe, honey dew melon, and the best tasting granola I have ever had!  There was fresh yogurt, pastries, cereals and bread, bagels and muffins.  I turned Mike on to granola- I would mix it with the plain yogurt- so yummy!  Of course he drenched his with honey or brown sugar- at least he got the protein and fiber!  We ate on this porch each morning :)

Her are some more pictures of the resort, and plants- it really was a tropical paradise!

I LOVED this sconce- I want one or two just like it!  It is quirky- like me!

the paths smelled so strong of flowers and citrus- it was like aromatherapy as we walked.....

Everything was white washed- it was so cool

little boutiques, cheapest dress in them- $400.00- seriously

Main Lobby- open and airy

weird fruit on palm tree- red and white ones

view from the main lobby, to the restaurant

Parallel 23 Restaurant

 I LOVE taking pictures of textures in nature.  For some reason, my eyes are drawn to them :)

This is for you Jill :)

We all agreed it was strange seeing them decorate for Christmas- I know, I know- they have Christmas too, but it was just weird for us.  It still does not seem like Christmas yet, I guess we have to get our tree, and Calli wants Mike to put out lights.

 To me, picture taking is relaxing, and I find great JOY in it.  Calli has picked up on my love of photography (not that I am great, at all or even near good, I just like seeing thru a lens), but she often steals  my Nikon SLR and takes some great pictures.  

Today we were going horseback riding!!!
We waited in the beautiful lobby and got picked up by a Native North Carolinian in a wonderful dusty and dirty truck!  We traveled the few miles to the PROVO Ponies horse farm.  The owner is from the states, and years ago moved here to rescue horses from other islands.  She started taking on so many rescues, that she needed to start making the horses pay for the food they were eating.  She is making a trip this week to Grand Turk to rescue some draft horses! 

Apparently the other tour never showed up so we got a PRIVATE ride for free, well the ride was not free, but it is double for a private ride- and that part was free!  

Ha ha,she is kind of too tall for this pony named RAPIDO- lol- but he was a gentle one, and slow despite his name... just a go with the flow kind of guy

Mike is on IKE- ha ha lol- Mike and Ike!

Aidan was on Limbo- a horse that wanted to be up front and leading the whole time

 Mike commented that each horse fit our personalities perfectly :)  Aidan's wanted to be the leader and up front, Mike's horse did not want to get left behind, so he had to go up front and see everyone was behind him, Calli's was calm and went with the flow, and mine was...feisty, but they guy said that he was not feisty just really excited and did not know how to channel his excitement, he literally tried to buck me off a few times!
This is me- lol- on ROMEO
All of the horses made this weird and hilarious noise as they went into the water, it was a mix of grunting, moaning and neighing.  Then they all started farting and pooping, it was soooo funny.

Here is a video clip

It was SUPER hot when we got back :)

Aidan LOVES animals, he is kissing the horse

After we got back, we ate lunch and went to the beach!  Mike stayed up on the balcony and blew that conch shell- it was SO LOUD!!!  Everyone on the beach turned around and looked up at him- funny guy!  For dinner, we went to Hemingway's Restaurant.

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