Wednesday, December 7, 2011


We woke bright and early, and after breakfast, met a boat right on the beach.  We were going snorkeling for half of the day!  It was a little rough trying to get on the boat-but we made it!  The water was unusually rough that day, and for the first 30 minutes we all almost tossed our breakfast...and wanted to turn around.  
Our Captain-

The Regent Palms, we stayed in bldg to left, on 4th floor left corner ocean front condo

Mike's shirt next to the water- turquoise, it looks calm, but this part was so rough, we tried snorkeling here, but everyone was quickly loosing the boat and it was 50 ft to the bottom.

"Dis is a Konk (conch- but k sound at beginning and end)

intently listening

Aidan ready to go!

I had to look straight, again, car sick, sea sick, ugh...

Now we got to a lot calmer waters, it was so  tranquil and blue- and not as deep

huge stingray!

he was so mad I picked out turquoise for his swim shirt- lol- I think he looked good :)

DIs is the spot!

Aidan is always first to jump up and go do anything exciting

Are you laughing?  I was :)


 The goal was to snorkel and dive down deeper for a conch. We each can take one by law. They are disguised by lots of grass on their shells, so they really just look like an ocean plant.  But, Calli found 2, and Aidan found one! 
can you see it peeking out???

 Then we went to the beach at Iguana Island, and dis guy took all the conch that we found, and cracked, sliced and diced it in front of us!

ewwwww- it is like a huge snail

wow, that is gross, I'm gonna eat that???  and raw???

 OK- so then he held up this long worm looking thing- It was the Conch's "pistol", (aka male reproductive organ)  And he said "Now who gonna eat it?  Huh?  It will make you a man, strong and manly."  So....who do you think stepped right up and ate that thing?

OH, Aidan, my daredevil.
yum- doesn't that look appetizing?

see his eyeballs???

now, to get the good stuff

left with all white meat

before and after

conch ceviche- it was actually very good :)  We all tried it, Aidan, Mike and I ate all of ours....

Calli opted to eat 4 bags of Doritos instead

our boat

time for a walk

Mike was running like a little boy, I wish I got it on video- I almost peed my pants, it was so funny!


He let me get very close..he was rather large :)

maybe this will be my screen saver


heading back now

Aidan rode on the front of the boat on the way back.
 We got back to our room, ate lunch and chilled out before heading out into the town for dinner. 
I actually got to finish reading this magazine

always exploring

view from our porch

WIFI = texting :)

her cozy KING bed for the week- Mike slept on sleeper sofa, I slept with her, and Aidan had a roll away bed :)

guess I fell asleep  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Someone brought this for Calli, they were in and out, we never knew they were there:)


Add caption

Ha Ha- there is a story behind that eye!  Calli was mad at me, I wanted her to take pictures and I am particular, and like pictures that are focused, so she want crying to her daddy <3 

kiss and make-up

she wanted to do the Titanic pose in the sunset

she can be quite goofy sometimes

poor Aidan had this weird rash all over his face

tired of me taking pictures- lol

I said, "hug each other!"  that is what I got- lol

they are making fun of me right now,


ha ha lol, this is the best one I got!

 So, after lots of pictures, we went to SOMEWHERE, a little restaurant that the locals frequent.  We did not want to eat at fancy places each night.  We drove up the road and, this one was also right off of the beach, and we had a great breeze...Calli ordered shrimp quesadillas, and hated them, I tasted them and gagged, so Mike gave her his bean burrito and he ate her quesadillas. 

artistic photos by Calli

 It was a wonderful good day!

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