Friday, December 9, 2011


Thursday- we had a sleep in, stay on the beach all day and go nowhere kind of day!
Mike and the kids spent most of the day in the water- I am talking 7 hours!!!  Their hands were shriveled :)  Mike found some really neat shells, sand dollars, conch, starfish, and these weird looking things- anyone know what they are? 

In the latest part of the daylight, the sun was not that hot, so she took off her swim shirt- she'll probably kill me for putting up these pics, but isn't she beautiful?

Here I come Dad!

Running into the water

Come get me Dad

That's better

Today, we ordered cheeseburgers from the restaurant waiter who walks along the beach, he brought them right out to us on our chairs- it was grrrreat! 

So, they swam out to the white buoys and all of a sudden Mike said, "Calli there is a huge bug on your shoulder, no! Another one up your neck!"  Here there were tiny crabs all over the ropes, and they were were crawling all over the kids-

 We stayed on the beach until the sun set-

tired from swimming all day!

It's time to go!  No!

I don't want to smile :)

LOL_ only family picture we got all week

Isn't he handsome?
Mike made his evening coffee, we all got showers or bubble baths, we rented some movies, and ate PIZZA for dinner :)  It was a very relaxing day!

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  1. OK I never wanted to go to the islands before but after seeing all your pictures I changed my mind. How beautiful! I also would have thought it would have been crowded but I see hardly any other people in your pictures! I am so glad you guys were able to have this opportunity especially since it has been so long since you have had a regular vacation.


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