Saturday, December 10, 2011


Within 2 hours of coming home from Calli's Make a wish trip- we received news that Mike's mom Linda had, while we were away, broken her hip, had surgery and was in rehab.  She did not fall, her hip literally just shattered as she tried to walk up two steps.

We called her right away, and then she told us that they found cancer in her bones, and there was a spot on her lung that was very questionable, and there was melanoma on her forehead.  The cancer they had found back in October that they thought was a stage 1- apparently was not, it had metastasized to her bones.

She is in so much pain right now, and trying her hardest to do the rehab they desire.  Our children are confused, and do not know how to handle these heavy bumps in life.  It was at Christmas time that Mike's dad died at the young age of 58, almost 6 years ago.  Deep sorrowful memories still lie at the surface....and now it is his Mom.  Words cannot even come close to how Mike, and his brothers are feeling, let alone their wives, and children, and Linda herself- she is so young- only 63. 

And yet I dare to HOPE.  How can I not HOPE and TRUST that God has this?  How dare I hope and believe in LIFE for my daughter, and not for my mother-in-law?  Through every pain, every emotion every thought that comes across my mind, my children's minds, my precious husband's ....every thought, every word must be taken captive, must be brought to obedience of Christ...  I will never stop believing and encouraging and hoping that this too shall pass- what else can I do?  Get drunk?  that never works, get high?  no thanks, get depressed and sullen and bitter and angry at God- yeah I've been there too and it doesn't help.  I can dare to HOPE, I can keep on singing and praising God for each new day he gives us.  I can thank Him for whatever lesson He is teaching us through this.

This has been a very busy week here at home, and trying to help Linda get what she needs, take Calli for treatments and therapy and on top our normal busyness, Aidan has been very ill since Monday night, please keep him in your prayers- he has had fevers up to 105, since Tuesday, they go down and go right back up.  He is coughing pretty badly now too :(  Poor guy has been in isolation in his room since Tuesday, and missed his bell choir concert.

Please pray that The Lord will give us wisdom, and peace, and encouragement that only He can give.  Please pray that the Lord increase our faith in Him and our love for our family members.  Please pray and believe when you pray for healing for Linda and Aidan- just like you do and have done with Calli.

Thank you so much- and God's Blessings

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