Tuesday, December 6, 2011

fall days

Life has caught up to us, and I am sorry that I have not updated.  To spare you from reading a super long post, I will update a little each day on some highlights of November.  

Aidan has been working so hard each week at TaeKwonDo.  He goes to classes- 4 times a week at Mark Cashatt's in Souderton.  Somehow God has put it on people's hearts to help pay for him to go, and we have not had to pay since June.  Thank you to whomever has been helping, it means so very much for Aidan to continue to be able to go.  I usually drop him off 2 nights a week on our way home from physical therapy, and then Mike meets me there after work, so I can go home and make dinner.  Mike faithfully takes him the other two nights.  Aidan is strong and determined, and loves his martial art.


Aidan tested for his Green Belt in November!

He had to do the pattern Do-San

He got all A's on his test, and is waiting to get his new belt

Fitting the new belt

Yeah Aidan!!!

Master Mark Cashatt is Grrrreat!

Alyssa and Calli-beautiful Derstine's

Here is a copy of Calli's short-term goals.  She scribbled them down for Her Physical Therapist Erin.  

She has some great goals!!!  And, she LOVES Erin.  Erin has been challenging Calli to do more, and Calli is building lots of muscles!!!  She came in the other night and said, "Mom, do you want to see my muscles?"

She is strong, and getting stronger- she will not quit, give up or give in and although she tires easily, she tries everything!!!  She made her screen saver on her Ipod the letters "PT" to remind herself, that before she starts to play a game or go online on her Ipod, that she does her home PT exercises first.

So, one of Calli's goals was to be able to hike.  We love hiking on trails and the week before Thanksgiving, we decided to take the dogs to our secret spot and try it out!
So we came to the creek we always have to cross. to get to the trails....

Mike and I realized that this was going to be a very good exercise for her today(and us!) to work on her balance.  Not only are the rocks uneven, but they were very wet, which makes them like ice!  LOL.  With me in front of her, and walking blindly backwards, and then with Mike behind her...we helped her cross.

Mike almost fell in a few times!!!

Mike directing me!
Finally she made it!

Our doggies!  Roscoe, Scotty & Butchy- gotta wear orange in the fall!!!  Don't want them to be mistaken for a deer..or a raccoon..or a fox


Need a break!

My survival boy- finds water in trees- it was not sap- but fresh water on this birch tree
I need another break!  This is tough work!

  I could not sit still while Sissy needed a break!
Someone was goofing off and fell in!
I collect heart rocks, but this was good enough for me today :)




  1. It looks like you've been busy!
    And by the way, I didn't know that Aidan did Tae Kwon Do with Mark Cashatt's! My friends go there! Would he by any chance know the McMichael's?
    Have a great week!
    Lydia <3

  2. Yes we know the Mcmichaels.


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