Friday, December 9, 2011

MAKE A WISH day 6 -last day :(

We woke up to pouring rain :)  Today we were supposed to go para-sailing, but it was cancelled to to high winds and rain- all beach activities were cancelled too.

Oh Well!
We decided to go to the little shopping area up the road for postcards, and Calli and Aidan wanted to see some "Potcake" puppies.

 So, we went to the SALTMILLS- a nice open and airy shopping center with little stores-

We stopped at the Potcake Place which is in the middle of the Salt Mills.

  There are wild dogs all over the island, but they are not really wild, they are quite friendly and love people.  They, of course, have tons of puppies each year; and The Potcake Place rescues and adopts out those puppies.  They are called "potcake" puppies, because when you make a pot of rice, there is always a cake of brown at the bottom and then you throw that out to the "Potcake puppy." 

so soft and fuzzy
Calli and Aidan tried earnestly to get Mike to step a foot into the store, but he was wise and stayed away..then with tears and pouts Calli desperately tried to get Mike to allow her to adopt one.  After all, they were totally free, had all their shots, were wormed and had all the papers they needed to get into the US.  They even gave you a carry on bag to put the pup under your seat on the plane.

It's a POTCAKE Backpack!
So, you can adopt a POTCAKE too!  You just have to pick it up at your local airport- go to and find out more info!
 It truly would have been the most memorable souvenier EVER, but reality is that we already have 3 rescued, adult dogs, that shed so much,and have high costing vet bills, and etc......Oh by the way did I mention we are busy enough, without needing to train another dog- lol.

We came back from shopping, and the sun was shining, so the concierge rescheduled our para-sailing trip for later in the afternoon.

But before then, Calli had an appointment at the SPA for reflexology of her hands and feet and a scalp treatment!

Walking into the spa

While she waited, they gave her a cold towel that had some aromatherapy oils in it- and there was this really calming music playing too- she fell asleep!

After a short nap, she was escorted back to a therapy room and received an hour long spa treatment :) 

Now for PARA-SAILING!  It was still terribly windy out, and NO ONE was in the water doing any sort of water sport.  The water was so choppy, and rough :)  Mike and Calli courageously went up first!

So, I NEVER have to do that again!  lol- Calli, Mike and Aidan loved it though :)  I just felt sick with the movement of each gust of wind.  I'll tell you, that is when you really trust God with your life and not the knot-tying abilities of a person.  It was quite lovely looking at the entire island, it is such a small island, and it was quite serene seeing all of the world from that view.   

We went to Danny Buoys- an Irish Pub and got fish n chips- it was really really yummy! 
After dinner, we went back to the hotel and I packed everything that had to be packed.   In the morning, we ate our breakfast and checked out, we returned the rental car at the airport and made it quickly through security.  Everyone was so helpful and humble, and treated Calli like royalty.  The airport is SO small, it is  literally the size of one gate at Philadelphia.  The gate security even allowed our family to board the plane before they even called everyone else to start boarding. 

As soon as we landed, the PILOT said, "Welcome back to reality folks."  Little did we know, the news we would get in the next few hours that would give our family an Extra Large, Super-sized dose of reality.


  1. By the way the puppy i am holding is named sandy she had a sister named coral that another couple was adopting. Later when we were waiting in the airport we saw that same couple and they let me hold cora which they had renamed pepper!

  2. So much fun. It looks like a very beautiful place. I am so glad you could go there when it was chilly and crazy here! Perfect!


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