Wednesday, September 19, 2012

randomness that makes me smile

today....i want to show you some things that i come upon...
that make me smile
or cry
or laugh
lets start with this picture.....
 i have never ever ever seen anything like this
it made Mike and I take pause 
and stare above 
and cry 
and then smile
 this is what boys do....
when they are supposed to be doing chores...
this made me smile
and laugh
and sigh with relief that my Aidan...
is still a boy
and all of the mess 
and heartache 
that he has had to endure...
did not steal all of his joy
and contentment
and he can still play dress up
the way boys play dress up
this is Shaya
Calli's kitty
she is a rescue
she hated me.
i mean absolutely ran the other way
or hid under something
whenever i would come even remotely close 
to the room she was in....
which was always Calli's room...
that made me cry
i hate rejection
  this is where she lives....
in Calli's room
she loves me now...
well..she likes me
she misses Calli too...
 she even purrs when i rub her chin
 she is weird
she likes to sniff and lick my finger
that makes me smile
this is Calli's handwriting
i framed it
in a teeny tiny frame
it makes me smile

all of these pretty monarchs come to say hello to me...
this poor guy did while i was driving..
 this made me squeal with delight
i slowed down
can you see his guts?
i did not mean it...
i made Aidan go get him off the road
and he was flapping his wings and dying
and i cried
and then i squished him...
and framed him with a poem that Calli wrote...
and then i smiled
 blue jay feathers
on Calli's grave...
thank you
it made me cry
and smile
that someone visits
and thinks of her
she loved birds
 plants in pretty pots
make me smile
but...i kill them
i forget to water them.
someday maybe my thumb will turn green
this is no joke...
we were having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad moment
(in a restaurant- no less)
when Aidan gasped with delight
and turned the situation bright
this is the water stain that Aidan's glass left
it made us all smile and laugh
and remember...
 that God uses little things like this...
to make us take a breath
 this is my very bad husband
just look at the anticipation in his face
can you see the saliva dripping in expectation
of the first yummety bite of 
RAW cookie dough on double stuffed oreos?
yummety is a word by the way
at least in my world it is :)
i do wonder what his cholesterol is
beings that he does not eat vegetables
no Mike...
 CORN chips do not count as a vegetable did make me smile
 this is Roscoe
he is seven
and a rescue
he is my 
muffin top.
 he makes me smile
a lot
Roscoe hates kayaking
he usually hides in the bow
with his head hiding
but today he wanted to see the sun
 i love Roscoe 
very much
when he rubs in poop

  Jill said 
he was ugly.....
so i sent her 
this picture..
 and she admitted 
he was cute...
she said he had 
"a sweetness 
in his eyes."
 that is her way 
of saying he is cute
 well just his face
 he is a German shepherd 
and a corgi- 
that makes me laugh out loud
and smile
 curly hair
my aunt's curly hair
it makes me sigh
and cry remembering my sweet Calli's golden locks
and it makes me smile

public service announcement:
ladies and gentlemen
if you and or your children have God-given curly hair...
throw away your straighteners
don't use a blow dryer without a diffuser
stop using sulfates in your shampoos
and parabens and silicones in your conditioners.....
no more drying alcohol in your gels....
your hair needs moisture
your hair loves the rainy humid days
embrace your fly aways
let your tendrils accessorise and frame your face....
love your curls...
because they make me smile.
Scotty makes me smile
and yell
that little whipper snapper....
he turned 11 on August 20
he likes his curly hair
except when it snows
he is the big boss around here
 this is Butchy
she is also 11
and a rescue
Calli was her human
If Calli was around, you would hear anything from
those were her sweet terms of endearment for her Butchy girl
 Butchy has been depressed ever since Calli wen to Heaven
every day she goes to the basement and lays in her crate...
Butchy... I feel the same way huneee
 each day after Calli died...
for almost a month....
she would just go into her room
and stare at her bed

 each time we come home..
after we all have come in...
she either runs to the car looking for her...
or she stays at the door waiting and waiting for Calli to come in...
that makes us all cry...
 Butchy has aged a lot since Calli died...
I love Butchy
she makes me smile
 what makes you smile?


  1. That first picture made me smile and cry. I know what you mean by God using little things to make us breath. I know rainbows and clouds and butterflies happen all the time but when they happen at that moment when the wave is trying to take you under they mean more than words can say :)

    Blessings to you all,

  2. Oh my!! You must email me all the right products to use on my hair! Except for the muggy days of course-lol.
    Seriously (sort of) - This is a great post. It made me cry.
    The angel in the sky is an awesome photo.
    I really, really relate to Butchy and her "paralysis" of sorts...
    I've been stricken this past year... :/
    But, wait!! Aha! (this song just popped into my head) "You keep on shouting, you keep on going!! I want to Rock & Roll all day, and party every night! Yeah I want to rock and roll all day....etc."
    I know, I know... not Literally! And not really a big KISS fan, but the way You, Lucy, Calli's mommy, Matthews daughter, keep on going every day; well it amazes me, (attempts)to inspire me, and much more than words could convey.
    On a lighter note, I love the smashed butterfly story - heehee. It was meant to be framed with a poem.
    love you lucy alison xo

  3. aa- your hair is perfect- you don't straighten or blow dry- you embrace- o love your hair- you use good stuff however- if anyone is wondering-
    there is a very affordable haircare line that is sulfate free, silicone and paraben free by Loreal- Even Walmart & Target sells it- Loreal Eversleek-


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