Thursday, September 13, 2012


I am really busy 
and sad 
and tired...
and have so much to write...
but don't have the time currently...
or the energy...
or the clarity exactly....
I am kinda swirling 
and twirling 
and my head is so foggy lately.
Aidan says I keep forgetting everything....
So right now...
I am gonna show you one of my absolute favorite things ....

 We were in Maine in August
as we walked through the woods....
it called to me...

 I am not sure why exactly...
but I just love fungus....
Mike says I take too many pictures....

 He is right..
this is only a few of them...

 I love how dark and eerie some are...
and how vibrant and dangerous others look...

wanna see my moss?
I love moss
think I'll make moss my next post
sorry :)
No...I am not
I adore moss-
that is what Calli would have said.
She always said she "adored" things...
like canoeing
and winter snowstorms
and apple crisp
she adored life
 fall is coming
my favorite time of year
it is still hard to believe
 she won't be here 
with us 

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  1. Beautiful pictures Lucy. Can't wait to see the moss! The fog will clear, slowly, but it will clear. And night time will once again be time to sleep. Thinking of you always.

  2. Thought you might enjoy this.

  3. Thank you Anonymous- I thought I was the only one- now I don't feel so...well...weird!!! ha ha

  4. Lucy,
    You and your boys are always in my prayers!

    Much Love and Support,
    Barbara Smith

  5. Lucy next time.. bring some mushrooms home for me ;) I promise I'll share if you're a good girl. lol.. Love you little sis <3 <3 <3

  6. Dear Lucy , Mike and Aidan… my husband and I have been reading your blog from day one almost. Lucy your heart felt writing has touched me in ways I never thought would become a lifeline to me. On August 25th my beloved husband passed away suddenly and unexpected of a heart attack....he was only 53. He fell so in love with Calli from reading your blog posts and I know she was someone he had to meet when he got home to heaven. Fall is also my favorite time of the year…and I have the same thoughts running through my head. Please know my heart feels and understands your pain and I am praying for you all harder than ever!
    All my love in Christ

    PS. You can never take to many pictures LOL


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