Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Aidan

I know I am late on the upload..

but September 1
my yiddle man
became a teenager :(
He started his day with pancakes- his favorite
For his birthday
Aidan wanted to go Paint balling
 with his friends

there were blue swallowtails 
all over the place
I felt Calli-love 
from above
every time i saw one
you mean i can't tackle someone 
OR steal their gun?
i can't
take off my mask?
this was their "serious" look
some are way more serious than others

poor Jordan 
was so afraid of getting stung in the neck- 
he put his shirt under his goggle mask
he soon found out
that would not work very well
when he got all fogged up

practice shots
ready for war
this is too funny
doesn't Jeff (grey shirt) look like a giant here?
i know it is the angle...
but he looks like 3 feet taller than Mike
I braved the battle grounds to get some good pictures
I got hit in the neck
and butt
and hip
and knee
it hurt.
i wanted to shoot them back
and i did
with my camera :)

 yes...right about here..
poor Aidan....
as soon as they said to go..
he tripped on...
a rock...
(apparently you have to look down while you run)
He lost ALL of his paintballs

and was very very mad
 Thankfully Jonas helped him
while Mike nad I peed our pants laughing
poor guy
 actually his dad helped him
and gave him half of his paint balls....
while i laughed....
and took pictures

 Matt's out!

 ready for the next game
 There were many battle grounds....
from forests and boulders to castles and abandoned buildings

they took breaks between each game
it was very hot
some of them forgot to wear deodorant :)

i love this picture...
of men running
they are in a real battle ya know
it makes me laugh
here you have Matt and Mike all the way at the top right
and Jeff and Zack in the middle
and two guys at the bottom 
(whom i did not know)
that ran...and hid
i had a perfect view 
from the tower
Mike was the first one out
every single time
he was the suicide banshee or something

having fun yet honey?

oh poor poor Josh
i saw that one
he was down for the count

again...i love this shot
two brothers
totally being boys
shooting people with paint
Mike and Jeff
it made me warm and fuzzy inside

umm smile for me please
you have some paint on your eye
and on your cheek
and on your neck....

 battle scars!

this is the goofy faces
i think they all had a great time
what good boys
they we came back to our house
and they swam
and jumped on the trampoline
and did things boys do
ya know
act like monkeys and stuff
then Nana came
and she was so surprised to see Jasmine and Elijah, 
the precious children who lived with us for two years
they came to visit as a surprise

and Nana and Jasmine caught up on old times
and visited Calli's room
and cried
and hugged 
and sang songs
there was copious amounts 
of junk food eating 
going on

butchy was so hot
she decided to take a dip 
in her pool
Aidan could not read Aunt Lori's handwriting
Zack had to read it for him
he loved her gift

 I had a lot of fun making 
and simply decorating this cake
and no...
 it is not peanut butter
i dyed the icing myself...
the color of peanut butter- and that blue color
i was going for a nautical look-


after a full day
they made a bonfire
played manhunt
and most of them slept the night
it was a wonderfully good day
minus one person :(


  1. First off, Happy Birthday to Aidan (again):D
    The paint ball place looks awesome, but a bit scary for me! ha
    Picture number two, I wasn't sure if it was a butterfly and then you clarified with another pic. love calli so much.
    Also the first pic of Elijah I was like, wait? Is that Elijah? ha. So glad they came to visit!!
    I like the Uke!!
    All the boys and the pictures really are great and remind me of boys town or something.
    Love you Aidan :) you the man!

  2. I'm so glad you got to enjoy your 13th Birthday with family and friends, Aidan....You are the Man!!! I loved the pictures...although, it looked very painful at times with all the bruises and welts, I still enjoyed all the smiling, adorable faces, especially yours!!! I miss you and hope to see you soon. I know Uncle Tom wants to hang out with you again too!!! BTW, Lucy, a Blue Swallowtail flew past me today in my driveway and landed on Linda's favorite, huge, red plants that are next to our this day, I don't know what they are called but they were Linda's favorites (I believe she called them Cantees???) I said Hello to Linda and Calli...truly felt their love at that moment!!! I look forward to reading your updates on your blog and keeping us posted of things we would, otherwise miss!!! I love you Lucy, Mike and sweet Aidan...again, Aidan, Happy 13th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Looks like a great day, but " OUCH" to the bruises I saw!! Hey maybe your Aunt Terri & I should try the paintball thing, looks like fun!!
    I got goosebumps from the butterfly picture!


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