Saturday, May 28, 2011

May 26-Please pray

So on Wednesday, doctors found a long tumor in her spinal chord.  So far, all we know is that is spans over 3 vertibrae, possibly more, but the other MRI results are not back yet.  We are taking her to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia tomorrow a.m. to meet with the attending neurological surgeon.  Because of the nature of where the tumor is, it must be removed- regardless if it is cancer or not.

A lot of thoughts are going through our minds right now.  She is only 13, and will turn 14 on June 12th.  She wants to travel the world and be a historical anthropologist.  She already asked me if she had cancer- i said I did not know.  She asked me if she would lose her hair...her long beautiful curly hair...I don't know....Can I ring bells mom?  I don't know. It is normal to question all of these things, as we are doing in these first moments of shock.....and as we do, we are going to God.  I am not asking Him why....but thanking Him for this opportunity to change myself, to change my thinking, to change the atmosphere around me.

One thing we do know, is that God orders her steps....He gives her each breath she takes, he created her in my womb, He formed every square mm of her body.  He will perfect all that concerns her....When I am afraid I will trust in Him, who alone can save.

Calli is so strong, and never complains.  As hunched over as she was, she would not even let me carry her bag.  She is in good spirits, and trusts in The Lord's plans for her life, words that have been spoken over her life, about hope and future.  She reminded me yesterday, that he makes the storm clouds as well as the Sun, and uses them for his purposes in our lives.

Maybe it has been a long time since you have prayed, maybe never, maybe it was just a second ago...but Ia m asking all of you, to lift up our daughter, our family in prayer today, and share with whomever you wish to do the same.  We believe and know that god hears the prayers of the humble, and are close to the broken-hearted.  In John 14, it says that If we ask anything in the name of Jesus, that he will do it.  I am asking you please pray in Jesus name for God's will for our child.

We love you all, and will try to keep you updated.

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