Sunday, May 29, 2011


Dr. Storm is from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.
 He is the attending pediatric Neuro Surgeon at CHOP
According to CHOP's website, he is a WORLD RENOWNED pediatric neurosurgeon, and is also assistant professor of neurosurgery FOR PENN, also teaches at Jefferson and of course at CHOP. He received all of his training at the world renowned Johns Hopkins-, He is internationally known as a specialist neurosurgeon in spinal chord tumors

* Most Common Procedures - The list shows the volume of the procedures this doctor performs, as compared to other physicians who perform the same procedure.  This means he performs 50% more spinal chord tumor removals than other doctors. 
 Dr. Phillip Storm's Procedures Performed by Rank & volume

Brain Tissue or Tumor Removal Top 25%
Spinal Fusion Top 25%
Ventricle Shunt Replacement Top 25%
Brain Ventricle Shunt to Abdomen Top 50%
Skull Repair Top 50%
Spinal Cord Tumor Removal Top 50%

On top of all of that, He saved the life of our niece Tiffany, who at nine yrs old, she had a stroke.  This is just some info to alleviate some fears that some have been expressing about a second opinion or traveling to another doctor. 
We are so very thankful thought to live so close to The Nation's(if not the world's) number one (ties with Boston Children's Hospital) Children's Hospital.  CHOP is ranked number two for neurosurgery after Boston, but that is good enough for us!
Ultimately, we are not trusting the Doctor, but GOD.  God is the one who led us here, God is the one, who gives each doctor his breath, his skills. 
If some of you are interested, Johns Hopkins has some spinal chord removal surgeries on youtube- if you have a queasy stomach do not watch!  There are also some amazing stories of children who have had the same kind of tumors removed!

Blessings today!

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