Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's me Calli....

Hi everyone, this is Calli.

This just came to me, as I was laying down trying to fall asleep, the night before my surgery.

I see an apple orchard, without its fellow trees, it would not be as strong.  When one tree is sick, the others stand tall.

Bees come and they may seem to be taking your pollen, your nectar...but really in the future it will only make you and your fellow trees strong, when the bees cross pollinate.

Although a tree's apples may get knocked down, the planter will gather these and still use them with the other apples from the other trees...and he will add sugar and cinnamon and make a wonderful pie or tart.

When the planter comes and trims a tree's limbs for the first couple years, it may seem so harsh...but it is for the tree's good.  That way, when the tree bears it's fruit, it is strong enough to bear it's burden.

I.....I am an apple tree....you are my fellow trees.  These past years, God has been pruning my limbs....my soul....my heart...my desires.  

Now, I am strong enough to bear the heavy weight of the struggle I face.  

I will....I will need a stake to lean on.  Jesus is my stake.  He'll lead me with strong hands...stand up when I can't, He'll lead me because I can't do this alone.

This is a poem I wrote in March 2009 

Jesus and me In a tree

Picking apples

Eating, laughing

Enjoying time together

You should have deep roots in Jesus

Your love for Him

Should overflow

Like a waterfall never ending

He is your heavenly Daddy

Just call out to him

Daddy, Daddy

Come Play, 
laugh. eat, 
sing with me

Answer my questions

Love me

Nurture me in your word

Feed it to me, I’m starving

Give me all of it

Feed me with your Holy spirit

Feed me

Give me more apples

Throw them down at me

Throw them down

So I can eat them all up


  1. Isabella DamianiMay 31, 2011 at 11:16 PM

    calli, i love you! and miss you so much. i've been thinking about you a lot. hope all is well. i miss talking to you. i'll be praying <3

    love, Bella Damiani

  2. Beautiful Calli! Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing, carrying you all in our hearts today!

  3. Such a beautiful poem. Praying for you.
    Hannah L.

  4. Calli,

    Do you remember giving me this poem in a frame for Christmas? I still have it and I love you and I am one of those trees in the orchard with you. We are all trees standing tall with you Miss Callie! You are greatly loved and cherished. My thoughts are on you every day and the burden you carry as a family is in my heart.
    Aunt Julie


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