Saturday, October 1, 2011

Rushing Wind

Rushing wind blow through this temple,
Blowing out the dust within;
Come and breathe your breath upon me:
I've been born again.

Holy Spirit I surrender; take me where you want to go.
plant me by your living water,
Plant me deep so I can grow.

Jesus you're the one who sets my spirit free;
Use me Lord; glorify your Holy name through me.

Separate me from this world, Lord;
Sanctify my life for you.
Daily change me to your image,
Help me bear good fruit.

Every day you're drawing closer;
Trials come to test my faith.
But when all is said and done, Lord 
You know it's been worth the wait.

Jesus, you're the one who sets my spirit free;
Use me, Lord; glorify your Holy name through me.

This is one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite artists.
Does anyone know who the artist cheating!


  1. Keith Green is the artist!

  2. One of my favorite artists too Calli. Keith Green was an amazing guy and the song you refer to is one of his very best. Praying for you.

  3. Keith Green!!! Love his lyrics!

  4. Hi Calli, I didn't know it was Keith Green. When I began reading this, I thought maybe YOU wrote it because you are just that talented!! God continue to Bless You!

  5. Keith Green!!! He's my favorite artist.

  6. Hi Calli. I'm praying for you girl- we live in OKC- tell your mom I'm on Facebook Amy Smith- Rachel. All the best for you dear!!!

  7. Hi Cali! I got to your blog via Get Well Gabby's facebook page. They have asked everyone to pray for you and I am happy to do so. Keep looking to the Lord. He will carry you through!

  8. Beautiful Calli. I dont know Keith Green but I love what he wrote. Blessings to you dear from Australia. Colleen

  9. Callie, I love that Keith Green song too. I was singing it to someone that had never heard it before. I had forgotten some of the words. Thanks for writing them out. You are in my prayers!


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