Tuesday, October 11, 2011

a poem I wrote this morning

I wrote this poem this morning....


She keeps her scarf on 
Till the end of the day.
She's lost all her hair and
Is scared what they'll say.

She'll take her chemo and
Fall fast asleep.
Just to wake minutes later...
Her old self, to weep.

She'll barf and she'll barf
Till her stomach is sore.
So she calls out to Christ,
Her beautiful Lord.

Then she heard a voice...
Somewhere deep inside.
It said, "I've heard your prayers and
I've heard your cries..."

"So I'll take this cancer...
Out of your life.
I'll give you rainbows and
Brighter blue skies."


  1. Calli. Oh, Calli :*) You are such a beautiful poet. <3

  2. I really like this. It says alot about who you are and Who you have faith in.
    Thanks so much for sharing!
    Lydia <333

  3. this is beautiful..! keep fighting <3


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