Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Scene- by Calli

The Scene
Callahan Mae Derstine

When the field is golden yellow 
And the sky is turning grey,
That is always my favorite part
Of the long and weary day.

As I glance out my window, 
And behold ....this scene.
I am in awe.
I see the Crow circling above...
Soaring in the wind,
And I hear it's raspy caw.

The Bluebird and the Chickadee, 
In our bushes play.
That is always my favorite part 
of the long and weary day.

The wind... it whispers.
the rain... it sings.
But the hawk still flies,
On his auburn wings.

This scene....It is serene.
There is no way I could describe it.
There is no way I could say...

It is always my favorite part 
Of the long and weary day.

photo taken by Calli last week- Isn't she good!!!


  1. I really like this know, you're REALLY good at poetry just in general, too. And I really like that pic as well. (I'm into photography, like, a LOT (: )

  2. Yes, she is good! Just beautiful!! Poem and Picture!

  3. Yes, she is good! Poem and Picture, just beautiful!

  4. Wonderful! I enjoyed that! The picture and the poem are perfect together!

  5. The photography is exceptional. The tree is steady and strong just like young Calli! The poem - well that goes without saying. You're a lot like your mom when it comes to bringing words together so perfectly. Calli many hearts are for you and your journey to recovery. Love ya niece - Aunt Julie.

  6. Calli that was a great poem- it told so much. Love you... I can see the scene from your bedroom window as I read... :)
    Did you get dizzy looking up to take that picture? Is that a birds nest in the branch on the right side??!

  7. Yes Aunt Al it is an old birds nest that I discovered while taking the pic. I was only a little dizzy, but it was worth it!


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