Monday, October 17, 2011

rappy poem by Calli

The stares 
The glares
The twisted faces
That I get
When I go All places

Just cuz I don't have hair
Doesn't mean 
I'm not a person
So dont you dare 
Make fun of me
I could be blaming God
Him I could be cursing

Instead I follow Him 
All my days
Trusting Him with whatever
Comes my way

I'm thankful for my family 
And my friends
That treat me normal
I'm sorry if I'm 
Shabby dressed
I may not look formal 

People aren't their looks
This is what I want to stress
That even the best 
Of the best
Are still sinners

It's what they are 
On the inside
And if by God's law 
They abide
Then truly these 
Are the winners


  1. You go Calli & the whole Derstine family. I would have to say that when you all have hair again - you will never have "a bad hair day". Keep your eyes upon Jesus - Look full in His wonderful face; And the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory & grace.

  2. I like that one alot. Have you ever considered trying to publish any of your poems before?

  3. I rapped that to Uncle Joe. He laughed (at me!)... but it's a great message!


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