Thursday, October 27, 2011

Please pray for Chris Court's family.  This courageous, 7 year old warrior went to heaven tonight, and is with Jesus.  His family could use some extra love, prayers and comfort sent their way. Please pray for peace to envelope them.


  1. Praying for this family. Thanks for sharing.

    Lucy, you NEED to get a copy of this video and watch it right away. It is eye opening stuff about diet and cancer...please try to find it. You can buy it online, or watch it on Netflix. We are eating differently now. Take a look...I promise it will help your view of illness. Shelley

  2. So sorry to hear about Chris. This photo of him is adorable :) I know he is safe and out of pain now. For his mom and dad, I will pray for peace. God Bless them, they are courageous- all of you are.

  3. What a sweet little guy...
    he was an inspiration for us all.
    All my love and prayers go out to his family. <333


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