Monday, August 29, 2011

Hospital really...again...but, it is well

Well, we are back in the hospital after being home for two days. God is good, I have had some very sweet time of fellowship and worship with Him, as i laid with Calli in her bed the last two days. Her head hurt so bad, so i just started humming and singing some old hymns that I love. Then I began to sing and pray in the spirit, and was just so comforted, and strengthened by God's still small voice. It is better than any valium, or anti-anxiety drug out there.

She will be ok, is having some radiation somnelence side effects at the same time as an infection, and justs needs some xtra TLC, fluids and IV antibiotics. If you have never listened to the old hymn called "It is well," I encorage you to take a listen, it is my favorite....well one of them, i can't post any right now, but I love qhen the Isaacs singvit and second chapter of acts


  1. You know that is my favorite hymm too!! Didn't you sing that at aunt Betty's service? Is that the one? Great comfort comes from such songs, thank God for that peace. xxoo

  2. I'm sorry to hear this, but I hope you feel better soon Calli :(

  3. I love this hymn too Lucy! May the Lord give you grace as you go about your week this week. He has put you on my mind through a dream last week and you are constantly be on my mind and heart!


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