Wednesday, August 17, 2011


It was late in the afternoon on Monday, when we were called by Kisses for Kyle Foundation, and Shaun Young- ya know this guy:

Shaun is the Ultimate Eagles fan!  He has been to every single home game since I think 1993.  In 2009, He became a member of the Professional Football’s Ultimate Fan Association (PFUFA); He appeared on the 12th Man float during the parade of NFL Hall of Fame induction weekend in Canton, Ohio.  He is genuine, kind and very can read more about Shaun in this article. 

So anyway, Shaun called, and asked if Calli, Aidan and I would accompany him to the last Summer Camp practice at Lehigh, a VIP event.  Would we?  YESSSSSS!!!  It was very last minute, but I love last minute, so I rearranged our schedule, and  we met him on a very rainy soaked morning!

From the get go- Shaun was so kind, giving and humble.  He helped us get Calli and her wheelchair around three football fields, in the pouring the VIP tent.  Then when he asked if we brought anything for the eagles to sign...I just looked sheepishly at him and said "No."

"No Problem," said Shaun, "I have something for you back in my truck."

He proceeded to run in the pouring rain and mud all the way back (it is very far) to his truck, and came back with two large and beautiful brand new and still in wrap footballs:
Without his makeup :) WOWSERS, thanks for the Footballs!
The kids had so much fun!  They got caricatures done, which are really funny!
Calli :)

They got some tattoos, a  green screen picture and we got to watch the practice from literally a few feet behind the players- NO PICS ALLOWED ON THE FIELD!!!

Then...SWOOP Came in the rain :)

After practice, we went back to the VIP tents.  We sat in a totally empty one, while the other two were full to the brim with fans.  They had such yummy food- I am talking gourmet!  Shaun is the man, and because the staff are such huge fans of him, they let us butt in the front of the line, and .... oye I was expecting these Philadelphia fans to give us a boo for skipping to the front, but they were all so gracious and kind.  Then they had a raffle for 8 prizes....and we won two of them!!!  Then we heard a couple of boos...eeks!  We won an authentic Brent Celek autographed football, with it's official certificate of authenticity, and an EAGLES barbecue set and apron :) 

When the players were all done the last practice, some of the players came to the other two VIP tents, and everyone had to stand in line for a long time just to get one autograph......but not us.  Again, because Shaun asked, and is such a humble and giving dude, one by one, as each player was leaving the crowds, they went above and beyond, and made it a point to personally come over to our tent (remember we were the ONLY people in the tent), One by one, they warmly hugged Calli, talked casually, signed our footballs, and encouraged her to keep fighting!  It was a very special moment, I was crying...not because they are super star athletes, but because they were SO humble, and encouraging, and down to earth.  Mike McGlynn especially just hugged Calli over and over again, asked her how she was, told her to keep fighting and that she would make it, he just did not want to go, he kept encouraging her.

Clay Harbor!
He was asking Aidan about school :)  I told him they were home schooled :)

Trevor Laws- I asked him how long it took to grow his dreads :)- 8 yrs
Absolutely sweet and shy Antonio Dixon
Juqua Parker
Darryl Tapp is bowing to Calli- totally sweet!!!
Darryl Tapp
BIG Jamaal Jackson- 325 lbs!
I am Moise Fokou.....
Signing his super awesomely sweaty and wet glove for Calli!
Moise Fokou
A manly handshake :)

Mike signed BOTH of his super sweaty, taped and awesomely cool gloves for Calli & Aidan!
Merrill Reese even joined in on the fun! 

Calli said she felt so special.  We do not deserve this kindness, these opportunities...but God has chosen us to walk this road, and it does make some of our days  brighter when we get to do these special and awesome things put before us.

Thanks so much Kisses for Kyle Foundation, and Shaun Young! 

We had a super fun day!!!  We all got home, and took a long nap :)  See, even though it rains and you get all muddy- Life can still be fun, and it is so worth it to venture out!


  1. Love love love these pictures Lucy. I am so thankful for these oppurtunities to bring some JOY and FUN into all your lives! You have been through so much. Much love! Amy

  2. I never heard of this guy, but I love that he did this for Calli! So beautiful. Aiden looks happy too! How great to have a whole tent to yourself!

    Last minute is the BEST : )

    Praying every day.

  3. Very well written piece of your lives! Thanks :)

    The Caricutures were too funny and really good!

    Can't wait to smell the super-awesome-sweaty gloves of those guys and toss a ball too! lol.
    By the way, I'm pretty good at throwing a football ~ just a heads up to Aidan.

    whew, when it rains it pours! :) amen.

  4. Shaun is a real American hero and I am honored to know him (we went to high school together). He continually gives of himself to help others, especially kids.

    I will keep Calli and your family in my prayers. God Bless.

  5. I'm so happy for you that you got to meet all these awesome (and apparently SUPER nice!) people! I bet you had a TON of fun! And i looooveee your purple bandanna with the word "Love" on it. It's really cool :) :) :)


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