Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hospital again?

I was hoping to update you all on some of the things we have been doing, but I can't do that from the hospital room.

Calli was admitted today at CHOP. She has been febrile for 6 days straight and off and on since the 4th. She hit over 104 here today. She just got over a virus two weeks ago, and radiation build-up is kicking in big time right now. It took weeks, and is hitting her hard.

My heart is so heavy watching her struggle to stay awake...she should be swimming in the creek, playing with friends....this is not how it should be....It seems we thought we crossed over Mt everest, but it was only the first peak....

Please pray that her fever breaks, that they find whatever it is causing it & that she is able to rest.

Being back here on 3 South- Oncology floor, brings back to the surface many emotions, many
precious moments Mike, Calli and I shared those first days after her surgery....

Thank you for thinking, praying, and believing the best about our family.


  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you, as one who understand so well what you are going through. Hang firm on the promises of the Lord, especially Ps.118:17. I claim it everyday! Much love and prayers.

  2. Dear Derstine Family,

    May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

    Gary, Barbara, Daniel and Rachel Smith.

  3. Praying healing over Calli tonight...and praying for rest, peace, and endurance for all of you!

  4. praying healing over Calli, and for rest, peace, and endurance over all of you!

  5. Holding you in prayer. We are friend's with the Smith family and they keep us updated with things. God bless you and may He be with sweet Calli constantly, bringing her health.

  6. Lucy-
    Praying for Calli and all of you that God may provide complete healing and peace at this difficult time.
    ~Liz & Jon

  7. Oh Calli...
    all my love and my prayers go out to you now. <3

  8. Praying for the return of Calli's strength. Mt. Everest indeed Lucy, your words give vision to us of this journey you are all on. We are weak but he is strong.

  9. We are all praying for all of you, especially Calli!! We know how strong you all are & SHE is a fighter, SHE will be healed!!! We love you all & are always thinking & praying for you.

  10. We are all praying for all of you especially Calli!!! You are all so strong & she is a fighter!! She will be healed!! We love you all & are always thinking of her....


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