Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Can you help???

Please if you could, pray for Gabby Vogel.  Calli  and Gabby were diagnosed around the same time.  Please pray for this child, and her family.  Please if you could take a little time and read about her journey.

September 1, tomorrow,  is Aidan's birthday, we will miss it, because we are still in the hospital.  My heart is grieving right now, I want to be there for my son, I want to spend much missed and much needed time with him. 

Calli is starting to eat, and her blood pressure is coming up.  Praise God!    Thank you for continuing to think of and pray for and speak life and blessings over our child.

September 1, tomorrow also marks the beginning of Childhood cancer Awareness month.  While I think it is great to see pink ribbons on nearly every item at the grocery store recognizing breast cancer, I cannot help but see the lack of awareness and fundraising for childhood cancer, and support for the families going through it. 

I have some ideas, maybe you all can help some families and raise awareness....  get some co-workers, or friends, neighbors together a ot of people doing a little bit turns out to be alot of help!
  • Put on a gold ribbon- that is the childhood cancer ribbon color!   Wear it all day all month, and when people ask you what it is for, tell them!  Wear it for Calli!
  • Think of what you can do to help- and do it!
  • Host a lemonade stand- go to they will give you everything you need!
  • Possibly start a fundraiser for a family that you know of who has a child going through treatments...arrange all the details, raise the money and give it to the family- they need it over and over again to help with the expenses...and they cannot help or give you ideas- they are too busy, minds too bogged down...
  •   Make some "no sew" fleece blankets for the kids going thru treatments and drop them off at CHOP, if you don't want to run down to Philly, make them and send them to me and I will get them here!  here is the easy pattern:
  • Do you crochet?, knit? start making some chemo caps, but please make the holes small (no child wants their bare head to peek thru the holes)
  • have any old t-shirts?  Can you sew?- here is a quick and cozy hat- My aunt made Calli one and she wears it every day!  It is by far the most comfortable of her hats- You can make it bigger for bigger kids, by just making the outline bigger.  try it!!!
  • Make a gift bag/(from dollar store) or basket of much-needed toiletries  for an unexpected hospital stay- shampoo, conditioner, razors & shaving cream, deoderant, socks, body wash, lotion, socks, hair brush, hairbands, toothbrushes and toothpaste, a pen and a paper pad, and some nice smelly spray.  Pareents are often admitted after a trip to the er for leg pain...a belly ache...a head ached...and in Calli's case- back pain...and it turns out to be leukemia..or rhabdoblastoma or in Calli's case- Glioblastoma Multiforme.  They are often here for days, sometime weeks with the same socks on.   
  • Gather some socks and underwear of all sizes, mommies, daddies, and (NEW PLEASE!), dand send them to me, they are needed here, again when you are admitted and have nothing.
Make a goal and keep it!  Even if you  only made 5- it helps someone!!!  

We wil be here again soon, on a weekly basis so I can give them to the social workers here to give to parents on the floor...they are used up so quickly too!  Please if you are interested in doing one or all of these, contact me at

Mostly, please believe the best, and pray for the families you know affected by childhood cancer! We have learned from other families as well as our own experience, that it is best if you do not call and say "Tell us what to do, how can we help?"  becasue we are often bogged down with so much, and our minds are not thinking as straight as we like, and it is hard to ask for help...rather it is best to just think of something that may need to be done and do it!

Thanks so much for all the support you have given us!  We are so truly thankful for you all stepping up in our time of need.




  1. Lucy, I already started collecting stuff for my "gift" bags for mommies... and Laura is going to join in the fun with me. Will give to you when complete.
    Your energy amazes me each and every day. :)

  2. We have big plans for childhood cancer awareness month in our house : ). Your ideas are great!

    I saw Aiden yesterday and I gave him a big hug. LOVE that kid. We will call him tomorrow and sing to him : ) I am sure he will love that! Also, Kaish doesn't have school on Friday so maybe Aiden would like to hang out with us.

    Sending love.

  3. I love the tshirt hat ideas! I will work on them this week and maybe Rachel and I can get them to you soon.


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