Friday, July 8, 2011


I am really thinking about going to Italy for my make a wish.
I need to make up mind... OYE!


  1. If you think that experience will help you to grow, then do it.

  2. I just watched "The Cake Boss" yesterday and Buddy Valestro (the Cake Boss ;))had three girls on from Make A Wish who made some seriously awesome cakes.
    Sorry, sidetracked there for a moment! Italy would be TOTALLY amazing! Hahaha, and yes, deciding on big stuff like this is SOOOO hard! My best wishes! :-D

  3. Italy seems wonderful. I have only been to Poland, but I was 1 so I do not remember it. Praying for you.
    Hannah L.

  4. Italy is awesome! I've been there several times and I can't get enough. Such a beautiful country, warm and bustling, lively people. The food is great too as long as you don't get stuck at a tourist trap.
    We live in Jerusalem and are praying for you!!


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