Monday, July 11, 2011

Dear Cancer....

Here is a poem that Calli wrote this morning.  She said I could post it, It made me smile and laugh, you know why?  Calli loves to write, and has not written at all.  I don't care what she writes, it is good, and normal and makes me smile<3 

I need a vacation, I need a nap
I need to be done with this radiation crap

The bright blue flashes they hurt my head
I just want to go to sleep and be in my bed

All these pills they make me take
Give me acne and make me shake

They stick my arm and take my blood every thurs
What is wrong with me?Do i have some kinda curse?

They tell me all these things could go wrong
Why do the set-ups have to be so long?

It hurts my throat, I'm losing my hair
It hurts to eat, my head is bare

Im not allowed in the sun, my platelets are low
Dear cancer will you please just go?



  1. Calli you are SO creative and blessed sweetie. You should post the poem you created back in December the one your mom read at Christmas time. That one blew my socks off! Love you to pieces.

  2. Amen to that poem! :) Love you and your sweet smile.

  3. Yes! I LOVE this poem! ;-) And I love how you can still find humor through all that's going on.
    Sending my prayers!
    Lydia <3

  4. This poem is beautiful! What an excellent writer you are Calli! We are praying every day. Love, Kaish, Naji, Gary and Becky

  5. Anonymous what was the poem about?
    As I am not sure who you are, I am not sure what poem you are refering to! :D


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