Sunday, July 10, 2011

Baseball, Sunshine and Barbequed Chicken

GO PHILLIES!  After radiation on Friday, we went to Calli's first Phillies game.  Mike and I were not sure if she would be too tired or have any energy to stay awake, but she was determined to go and STAY till the end!  We had really great seats, thanks to some very wonderfully nice people who gave us tickets!  We were right behind the Phillies dugout, at the top of the first section, on a nice big handicapped platform- and OUT OF the RAIN!!!

We were waiting...and waiting...and waiting for the game to start.  It rained, no, it POURED!!!  There was a really long rain delay, so I went and got her all the things you eat at a Phillies Game- a HATFIELD hot dog, with all the works, crackerjacks, peanuts, popcorn, a tasty cake, Turkey Hill lemonade Tea, boardwalk I missing anything???  Oh yes!  A Philly soft pretzel and cheese :) AND A full pint of Turkey HIll Cookies n cream ice cream!

She ate it ALL!  Good thing too, she has lost quite a bit of weight in the last three weeks.  She enjoyed every single bite, now she is gonna kill me if I don't tell you that we shared everything but the hot dogs, we each got our own :)

So, they PHINALLY began to uncover the field, had a wonderful national anthem tribute to our veterans.....and covered the field back up- so many people left- too bad for them, because the game started maybe an hour later, but it stopped raining, was nice and cool, and we had a great time!

She screamed, hooted and hollered the whole game.  During the 7th inning stretch... I asked her if she wanted to go home, was she tired yet???
"NO WAY MOM, I AM NOT LEAVING!"  She was having so much fun, despite the smelly guy next to us, and the very drunk and hollering fans standing behind us :)  It was truly a great experience, and the homer that Raul Ibanez hit in the 11th inning, or was it the 12th- I lost count, was so awesome!  So we had a smooth ride home, and got to bed around 2 am- OYE!

I had stopped at Dick's Friday morning before our trip to Philly, and got her a UPF 50 swim shirt.  We were originally told to not have her in the sun at all, but...this is summer after all, and being inside is too much, and the sun is healing itself and boosts your energy and mood!  So, we made sure her head & neck were lathered with sunscreen, topped it with a bandanna and a UPF 50 hat!  So, yesterday was the first time she was in the pool...she is and always has been a fish.  She was apprehensive at first, but by the end of the evening she was swimming under water, doing handstands, and splashing along with us.  IT was soothing, fun and a good simple time for the four of us.  Today we went in again, and just finished a yummy barbecue chicken dinner.  That has always been a favorite summer dinner....
I really lathered on the lotion...he he he

So, it was a good idea to put the trampoline next to the pool......muhahhahaha

I can still hold my baby :)

perfect 10!

This weekend.....was almost normal :)  IT feels good, we had a good day yesterday, today and I want to keep those moments in the forefront of my mind.  Mike and Calli took some wonderful pictures of the dogs, garden and butterflies <3
Calli captured this bee on the echinachea

Calli took this one

Mike took this one.  These orange cosmos, were a few seeds given to me a few years back, by a dear friend.  They have multiplied each year, and this year, I had to pull hundred of seedlings that were all over the yard.  The butterflies and bees just love them.

Oh my little Roscoe, who could not love your precious face?

Butchy was a BAD girl, the Farmer had just mowed the field behind our house, and there were baby bunnies scurrying...and she went after them, and "played" with them in her may not be able to see it, but she has a very guilty look here :)

my little fluffernutter Roscoe, desperately wanted to be in the pool with me....

Calli took this one, she has such a great eye for simple beauty

Mike took this one of Scotty, perfectly posed by Scotty himself with his ball

bee in action, flying- so cool, MIke took this one

My favorite flowers, are everywhere, my marigolds re-seed themselves in abundance each year.  It is amazing, I got blessed marigolds , and the butterflies are everywhere!

Now for a I thought of this song, and each time I hear it, I just am reminded to enjoy the time we have, and the simple things, like flowers, butterflies, bumble bees, a day in the pool, chicken..yummy chicken :)  A phillies game...the smell of rain..the birds perching on my sunflowers.....I just enjoy it all.

I hope that you take time this week to take JOY in the simple things.  Enjoy the song :)


  1. So much good news! So glad to see Calli's appetite is back and the endurance she is having to enjoy activities she loves. This is rare and annother testimony to how God is making Calli and sign and wonder! Thinking of you all daily! Much love!

  2. Wonderful post! So happy you all had a great weekend.

  3. Ah, the joys of July! (What I have officially renamed this post ;))
    I hope that this is only the first of many fun and exciting weekends you have!

  4. So good to see you all "normal" - lol. The pics of the flowers and butterflies are awesome!! Mother Nature at her best. Plus, the pool shots and dogs... all just good 'ole family stuff. Nice.
    p.s. glad you hung in for the phillies!


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