Sunday, June 19, 2011


It seems to me, that whenever a good thing is coming our way, satan always brings the yucky stuff to thwart a blessing; to get the attention on him and his nasty plans, instead of the simplicity of the Lord, and His simple blessings.  It seems that more and more  this happens, the more the Lord is teaching me that it takes actual effort on my part to "Take every thought captive."  To purpose to focus on a single moment, live by moments...not worry about  tomorrow, or even the rest of the day.  Each hour has enough trouble of its own.  It takes a purposeful action to look past the circumstances that are before us, and see past them to the simple goodness of being home.  The smells, my bed, my dogs, my garden is blooming & so full.  All of my flowers are blooming, because my mother-in-law watered them more than I ever would have. 

With all that surrounds us, the daily tasks, the emotions, the mess, the drama...
HE never leaves.  In the middle of this chaos, brokenness, messes......He is everything, He is our Strength..He is in the middle of it all, He is bringing life. 
He never leaves.
We need to look for Him and Him alone in the middle of this. 
Put aside our own thoughts, our flesh, our ideas, our words...and look for His.

So, we were discharged on Friday.  We had some trouble with the insurance company, but Mike's boss is just such a blessing, and has listened to my cry, to ask them to do what we need.  It is done. 

You have not because you ask not.  Just ask Lucy, just ask ME, step out, be bold, ASK ANYTHING.  A king would wash his servants feet...why would he not give us these small things.  He is Jehovah Jireh, our provider <3

So we got home, and realized that the hospital ordered Calli a junior walker and a junior wheelchair- she is taller than me- 5 ft 6"...oye.  She really wanted to gather together with our fellowship, as we do each Friday night.  We were all so exhausted, and it is 3 pm.  I realized that she cannot walk, or go anywhere without the right size walker and wheelchair.  So I called the company- "NO."  Well, I wasn't gonna take no for an answer, I cried, yes I cried,
"This is the desire of my daughter's heart Lord, to see her friends, to worship, and be normal, to gather as we do each week with other believers and pray.  Lord, I need it too, I need to worship together with other believers today, and get my mind off of this, and onto YOU."
So I told the lady on the phone that very thing, the truth, we need that walker within the hour, so we can leave.  The owner of the company drove out to our home to deliver the right sized walker....we are gonna work on the right wheelchair on Monday- and we will get it.  Be bold.  Ask and you shall receive.

So we gathered together, shared a meal with several precious families that the Lord has given us as our family.  We sang and worshiped without instruments.  There is something about just voices, that hits me deep.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE music, musical instruments, but our voices- all of our voices are sweet and deep and strong musical instruments. 

Put on a Garment on Praise for a spirit of heaviness.  Are you feeling heavy in spirit today?  DO you feel crushed, perplexed, sick, down or depressed?  WORSHIP!  PRAISE!  NO MEDICATION can give you the peace, the calm, the rest that worship does- close your eyes, turn on worship music- not the radio, not songs sung about relationships, but songs of worship- open your bible to the Psalms, and pick one that speaks to step out and sing, SING A NEW SONG TO THE LORD.  Don't be afraid- a new song will come to you, ask for it-healing comes down as praises go up!  Fear not!

The Lord inhabits the praises of His people- do you feel taken over or inhabited by fear? worry? doubt? pain? anger? lust?  SING!  PRAISE!   I need to remind myself daily, it is SO easy to focus on myself, or our situation, and get down, get sullen, worried, afraid....but we are called to worship, were created to worship.  How do you worship? some people play an instrument, some sing, some paint, some dance....worship-- praise God- He WILL inhabit you!  Here is a song that is just awesome, it is 15 minutes long- no picture on the video, just turn it on, close your eyes, listen, worship- listen to the words- take 15 minutes, and worship, listen.

We were so thankful for all the cards and meals, and a treadmill that was loaned to us for Calli- she walked on it 5 times yesterday!  Aidan was running on it too, it made him feel good.  Speaking of Aidan, he smiled yesterday morning when he awoke and saw us- a pure wonderful smile.  Then he said, "Mom, it feels weird to smile." 

Awww, my little Aidan, has had so much sorrow and sadness and tears and anger in his life...this much is true.  When talking about his sister yesterday, he had so many questions, and in answering them, I told him that I don't want to be angry with this path God has chosen for us to walk on, we need to trust that God will bring us through this. 

I was so angry when Mike's dad died.  I was mad at God then, we all were.  When it happened, I asked why God allowed this man, who loved HIM, who was a good and right and wonderful grandfather, husband and father die?  I did not understand then, I was so weak, but I understand now. 

So, "Lord, we have said so many times.."Here we are, send us."  And you have God.  You are sending us down this road, because your word says that we are to REJOICE, for the steps of the righteous are ordered by God.  Lord, you are God, who are we to say where you should send us?  Who are we?  You must think we are strong enough, and love us enough to let us go thru this...just to point to YOU.  I want to point to you.  I am a nobody, a nothing, you have preserved me through so much Lord, I am such a failure in so much, I mess up, I say too much, or not enough....Lead us Lord, teach us Lord, in this let us reflect You, and not deny You or Your name.  Thank you Father, for this journey, thank you for the obstacles, because when we jump high over them, it just strengthens our legs."

Marsha, a wonderful woman of God, a true example of temperance, dignity, poise and and peace, sent Calli this verse.....
 Micah 4: 6-8
6 “In that day,” declares the LORD,
“I will assemble the lame
And gather the outcasts,
Even those whom I have afflicted.
7 “I will make the lame a remnant
And the outcasts a strong nation,
And the LORD will reign over them in Mount Zion
From now on and forever.
8 “As for you, tower of the flock, Hill of the daughter of Zion,
To you it will come—
Even the former dominion will come,
The kingdom of the daughter of Jerusalem."

Really all of Micah is wonderful, just read the whole book actually , and you will be blessed.

Here is a picture of the new walker...that I painted for Calli- no more dull gray :)


  1. Lucy, you are such an inspiration- spiritualy and artisticly- love the walker, very sweet! Hope this week goes good for all; glad you are home. Its going to be fine- everything :)

  2. Love the walker. Keep your faith strong in the Lord. It's hard for me to keep faith sometimes. Praying for you.
    Hannah L.


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