Sunday, June 12, 2011

I want the JOY of the Lord to come down


We were so blessed to have so many visitors this week.  After moving to the Seashore house for rehab, we have been kept so busy with 5-6hours of rehab for Calli each day.  Some of her friends came and spent some time with her, and one even made her a delicious birthday cake- thanks MAGGIE! 
I was so surprised to see my best friend from junior high school, walk through the door.  Differnt family embers all came at the same time on the same day,a nd it was not planned!
When Chris Landes from I.T. Landes & Son, (Mike's boss) came in with his wife, I teared up.  It was a special visit, and he blessed me so much when he honored Mike with his words.  Mike is not just a hard worker at home, or here by Calli's side...but he is a strong, steady and diligent laborer at work. 

Last night, we were especially blessed  when my cousins came with their special fiancees to visit us.  They are both teachers, and Sandy had her class make Calli wonderful cards!  They were so special and all have special writings, poems or encouraging notes on them!  Thanks to Miss. Nulf's class!  You guys made us laugh, cry and smile!  Laura, who is an art teacher, made us some beautiful pieces of pottery.  I have always loved handmade gifts. 

So, Calli has been super busy walking!!!  She is getting stronger and stronger each day!  Her PT has a nickname for her, "The perfectionist."  ha ha- lol- YES, that is Calli!  She will not keep going on in a lazy way, she will perfect each movement she is asked to do...Over and over again, these simple moves, that we can do no problem, she must work and retrain her brain to do!  She is moving so quickly.    In OT, she played the piano for the first time, and was very happy to do so!  Music is therapy to her, she needs to have her fingers moving......

We got a day pass yesterday and were able to bring her home for just a few hours.  We wanted to just "BE."  Do you know what that means?  Just come home, be surrounded by familiar smells, noises and "BE."  The 3 hours that we were home flew so quickly by.   After we got Calli in the house, she went right over to her cat, who was starving for her love. Then after we got her settled in a chair, we let the dogs loose- WHOAH!  They clobbered her and then me and then her again...  They would not leave her side, even when I took her into the bathroom, all three dogs had to squeeze in there with us....they needed her, she needed them.   I am realizing, that we need to make some  adjustments ...add a few extra hand rails for support till she is stronger.  One of the first things that she wanted to do was play the piano, she wanted me to post this song, it is a source of calm and peace for her...she thought you all would enjoy it as well....

So amidst the peace that we have here, there are some that the Lord has allowed in our lives, to gnash their teeth at us, betray us, call names and upset the peace the Lord has given us.  While it is hurtful, and we do not understand is being used to refine us. 

I do not always respond as I should.  It is best to do and say nothing....but I do not always do that.  To not answer a fool according to their folly is hard.  I am in this position, and it is hard to always have self-control at all times, and answer the foolishness with grace and mercy.  

So a little disclaimer here...if you have called me, and in the midst of our conversations, I have to go quickly and have hung up on you , please do not be offended or take it personally.  IT does not mean that I do not want to talk, or you are not important, it means that I have to go and do my job- being a mom, advocating for the best for Calli must come first.  We are super busy, and when a doctor, nurse, pt, ot, resident, fellow or other person walks in the room, I have to go...If you begin to talk about things that I cannot focus on right now, or try to exert your right to an opinion about our child and her care....I might not react like I should, I may yell at you or tell you to shut-up- no it is not Christ-like...I am flesh, human, trying to"BE STILL," in this storm of ours, and when extra unnecessary drama comes sweeping in, I am going to do all I can to get it out. 

I want the JOY of the LORD to surround us, but there is always naysayers, controllers, manipulators and teeth gnashers.  In the midst of our warfare...God has allowed even more difficulty to refine us,and purify let the dross fall away, brother against brother.  But blessed are the peacemakers.  So, to make peace, we might walk away from you as Jesus did....his family gnashed at him, did not believe him, shouted "Crucify," in his hardest hour, in His hour of need....they rejected Him, took it personally, and betrayed Him.  So my prayer will be his-"Father, forgive them...they don't know what they are doing."  how it is effecting our precious daughter.......

I want to focus on today, not yesterday, not tomorrow....I want to JOY in the everyday things like rainbows and butterflies, sunshine and a song on the piano...Calli walking, washing herself....this is my focus right now, so forgive me please if I cannot handle the extra unnecessary problems.  It has all washed away out of my mind, the past, the focus of yesterday is gone. 

Through these tears and sorrow Lord, all I want to hear is your voice, I want to see your glory, your beauty in the everyday little things, and joys that you are bringing to us.  Give me the strength to be betrayed and not reply in my flesh.  Father, defend me and maintain the words you have spoken over our they spit upon us and try to crush our spirits with their words of poison...bless them Lord, fill their hearts with peace, and joy and trust...

Today I want to focus on our precious daughter Calli, it is her birthday, and I am so thankful for her life, her vibrancy.  She gets so excited about the little things in life...from a Scottish cathedral, to a butterfly to an apple with peanut-butter. Today we are going to have a party for her, the hospital has graciously let us use one of their rooms here on the rehab floor. 

I hope your day is filled with peace, love, hope and forgiveness.  Please watch your words.  Be slow to speak, bless those that curse you.


  1. Happy 14th Birthday CALLI!!!!!!!


    We will be there soon to celebrate this wonderful day with you & your mom & dad........and of course we are bringing Aidan & Grandmom!!!

    Mike & Lucy, your main focus should always be Calli & Aidan, we understand that & will not/do not take offense because of that....hey girl, we've learned over the many years to not take offense as to what may come out of your mouth...HAHA.......we know that's you....& we've learned to accept & love that about you;)

    We will & have always tried to be here for you guys as much as we can!!!

    We LOVE you all!!!

    Today will be an amazing day, celebrating Calli........only CALLI, it is her day........

    See you all soon

    Lori, Jeff, Amanda, Alyssa & Zackary

    P.S. It will be a drama free day

  2. Happy Birthday Calli! Beautiful playing!!! Praying for you and your family! God is good, and He is in control! Praying for strength, peace, and healing for you!

  3. Happy 14th Birthday Sweet Calli!! We think of you every day and pray for you as often as God brings you to our minds and lays you on our hearts - OFTEN! We hope and pray that your 14th birthday is so very special and that memories that will last a lifetime are experienced today!! God bless you so richly, you and your family. Mike and Lucy - our prayers are for you, too. Well said in your blog, Lucy. Blessings always. Only blessings. Tara and Don and Autumn and the rest of our family!

  4. Dear Mike and Lucy,
    I'd like to say that I have always thought that you are doing a fabulous job with both of your children. Don't believe anything less than that truth. Yes, you are oddballs :) but your love and faith and devotion are beautiful testiments to anyone who is trying to raise a family.

    Callahan and Aidan are blessed to have you (as many other children that you have fostered have been blessed).
    As parents YOU are the decision makers - and I know that your faith will keep you strong, keep you moving forward and keep you safe.
    I only wish that you had been my mom and dad when I was growing up! :)

    Your words today are healing words-to forgive those that may not realize that their behavior is not helping your family. Stress can make some folks act in unusual ways... sometimes negative ways. For them, I apologize.

    The bible tells us to "Fear not" which is a message (to me) that our faith will see you through this storm :) Many people love you all and only want peace to cover you. So peace be with you in your daily lives, from waking up to laying your head down at night- please know that its okay. All things work together for the good of God. May we all see the good in each new day. God Bless and glad to see that Calli's b'day was a nice one!!

  5. This is so beautiful! Calli's music was so calming and peaceful - she already is a miracle!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our hero Calli - may this be a year of unspeakable joy, unbelievable miracles, and surprises beyond your wildest dreams!

  6. Wanted to let you know I'm praying for you Calli (and for your whole family.) You don't know me but I attend church with your grandmother Linda. Hoping and praying for some extra blessings for you as you celebrate your birthday. Brenda Shelly

  7. Wanted to let you know I am praying for you Calli (and for your family.) You don't know me but I attend church with your grandmother Linda. Extra blessings to you as you celebrate your birthday. Brenda Shelly

  8. Words from HIS SCRIPTUREJune 14, 2011 at 3:11 PM

    Joshua 1:9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go."

  9. We hope that your 14th birthday was as amazing as you are !!
    Love & Prayers continuing to come your way.

  10. Beautiful piano playing! Love you guys. Praying!

  11. The dogs are so cute. I'd have loved it if they did that to me if I had been away. Great job on the song.
    Hannah L.


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