Tuesday, August 13, 2013

you mean everything to me

You placed the stars into motion.
You called to the Light and it came into place.
Every detail of our beings You created.
Like a good Father you take care...
You hold my being.
You wrap yourself around every detail of my life.
You place everything into motion
And all I have to do is stand in the palm of your hand...
cause I mean everything to You.
I mean everything to You! Oh Yea.
You wrap Yourself around me yeah!
You hold me together in Your hand!
When I'm feeling that I'm falling apart 
and I'm everywhere...
You hold me now!
Cause I mean everything to You!
I mean everything to You!
And You mean everything to me...
you mean...oh!
And You mean everything to me! 
 You mean everything to me...yea.
Daddy God, You mean everything to me!
I bear my soul completely before You!
Oh yea...I'm Yours.
Cause you mean everything to me!
Everything in this whole world...


  1. Lucy, you don't know me, but I think of you and Calli so often. You are on my hear tonight, so I hope you receive this and know you are lifted in my prayers. Your loss and suffering will be one day be redeemed. Your faith in our Lord has impacted my life. I can only imagine the depth of your pain, but Jesus knows. He is with you. And you are surrounded minute by minute by His army of angels. You are never alone.

  2. Please tell us how you are and your family. Followed your story so closely, and would love an update on all of you. Prayers are lifted up for you daily!

  3. Dear Lucy, I think about Cali and you almost everyday. I worry and pray over your family and especially Aidan, I just wanted you to know how much Cali's story impacted my life. As a mom, I just grieve with you and for you. Wish so much I could take away your pain and hurt, but all I can do is keep praying and let you know I care.


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