Wednesday, July 24, 2013

the little things...

 A month or so ago
I ventured out for some exercise
On our long and winding road
I looked up a realized

I really should slow down
to take in all that I could see
so much beauty to behold
 so much God has placed before me
I had to slow down
to capture what I saw  
in the berries
in the bees
 in the geese call
 the bugs were so pretty
the corn was too
even the cracks in the road
and the pile of horse poo
and for but a small moment
I felt a lighter load
The day I slowed my pace
and walked along the road

 -poem & pictures written and taken by Lucy Derstine

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  1. Lucy...this is beyond beautiful. I think of you and your family so often, and check back to see what's new. I am glad that you are finding beauty around you. Lord knows you have a ton of it inside you already.


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