Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sweet Sixteen never, I will be 15 forever

2:36 am, June 12, 1997, 
Callahan Mae Derstine was born.....
a precious gift of life, 
to two sinners, undeserving 
young and naive...
Yet God gave them an
Incomparable gift....
such beauty in this little girl
such love
such strength
such grace and wisdom
All traits of Her Father, God...
He was hers all along after all.....
..a child born to us
full of favor and grace and love
He gives and He takes away.
Still I will choose to say,
in this bitterness,
in this terrible emptiness
in this mourning as deep as the ocean depths
in this longing and yearning as high as the heavens
Still I will choose to say....
Blessed Be the name of the Lord
July 4, 1997-
little did we know that in 15 short years
she would be given back to God :(

For a long time, 
this has been one of 
Calli's and my favorite 
songs by Jason Upton.  
She listened to this cd 
by him every single night 
 its called Trusting the Angels.
This song is called Hannah
Please take some time, 
close your eyes 
 and listen.....

For a child is born to us
Light of God upon her face
Filled with favor and with love
She' s a miracle of grace
She's s a miracle of grace
I see a mother with her child
I see her daddy standing tall
I see the joy that you have brought to us all
I know gramps will teach you Bible
We'll all teach you ice cream
You'll be teaching us all that we've lost.
For a child is born to us
Light of God upon her face
Filled with favor and with love
She' s a miracle of grace
She's s a miracle of grace
I know there's a reason there's rhyme
For every season there's a sign
I know there's a message God has just for us
Cause somehow as we grow
We lose what we were told
Simple seems the cost for getting old
For a child is born to us
Light of God upon her face
Filled with favor and with love
She' s a miracle of grace
She's s a miracle of grace


  1. Happy Sweet 16 Calli, we love you and miss you SO very much! XXOO

  2. HAPPY SWEET SIXTEEN CALLI! I know God is giving you the sweetest sixteen party ever! You truly are a miracle of GRACE! Lucy the song is beautiful…I closed my eyes and just soaked. And when I listened to it, I not only saw Calli but I saw the Father singing it to you. …because you also are a miracle of Grace . May the peace, the hope, the love and the comfort of the Lord surround your family today.
    Hugs, Anna

  3. Thinking and praying for all of you! Missing Calli! Love, Barbara Smith and family

  4. So touched by the beautiful photos of your sweet girl. You are being lifted up in prayer tonight as I am reminded to hold my children closer, and remember they are truly His. You will be with her again, and God will keep His promise- there will be no more tears. Praise God that your hope is in Him and that you will hold your little girl again. What a day that will be.

  5. Thinking of you just the other day when I checked in on your blog. I think of Calli often, having only met her a few times and during your roughest year, I am sad I did not get to know her any better. I saw Sandy post in Facebook that it was Calli's birthday on the 12th, so I stopped back in to check on you....I am sorry she was not here with you for her big day. I admire the strength you have shown in going on, but I know the hole in your heart is wide. Please know that I think of all of you often and I pray for peace and solace in your hearts as time goes on. I will never forget Calli and I believe you have made it impossible through your beautiful words for anyone to not remember the beautiful light she was. Sincerely, Suzanne McDermott

  6. I'm sorry we were on our cruise on Calli's birthday!! I so wanted to reach out to you, Mike and Aidan but had no connection via Internet/email!! I thought of her all day, knowing it would have been her sweet 16th!! I also shed a lot of tears for all of you!! I even shared Calli and Aidan's pictures to a friend I met on the cruise!! Tiffany said she would try to reach out to you on June 12th also!! She so misses her precious cousin!!! I have the song "Breathe" by Pearl Jam in my mind so much lately!! You introduced me to that song the day Linda passed!!! Thank you for updating your blog, Lucy, and keeping Calli's memory alive!! She will ALWAYS live on forever, in our hearts!!! Love you!! Aunt Terri


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