Monday, March 4, 2013


Rain falls down from Heaven...
Just like God's words fall from Heaven
In the Bible, it says that
God's words...
 don't go back up to Heaven...
Until they have accomplished 
what God sent them to do...

Calli was a word from Heaven.

 Aidan is a word from Heaven.

Ya know, when we fall on our faces before God,
sometimes we try and figure out what it is
we are supposed to do
to be
what our purpose is on this earth
we ask
and cry 
and beg for direction
for a word
for approval
from God.

Maybe if we stop asking...
and let go
He will show us
and make us
what He wants us to be

Calli lived, not asking, just living.
Freely and fully Enjoying God 
and His creation...
learning and teaching,
She was life.
She was a word from Heaven.
A gift of life, given to us
for just a short time
such a short time

Calli completed her purpose here on earth...
so young...
sent back up to Heaven.
but still she lives...
her earthly body is gone
but the lessons she taught
the seeds that her life sowed
are ever present in our lives.
Our hearts are so broken 
so broken
and we do ask why...
we will never know on this side of Heaven
we are so confused
and we still love God
and we Trust Him....
where do we go from here?
How on earth do we recover?
Here we are on a skydive that we did not choose to jump.
We are free-falling through the sky 
through the clouds
we can barely see past the length of our own arms reach
we are scared to death
holding on to one another for our lives
and at the same time struggling, 
desperately tugging 
back and forth at one another
trying to hold on
trying to let go
reaching for the pull cord
 waiting for the parachute to open

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