Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Another Goodbye

Mike's dear sweet precious Grammy
met Jesus face to face
and embraced Calli 
and Mark and Linda 
and Her husband Gil
& so many more loved ones...
in Heaven.

Another death
another precious life....gone

Grammy was always so funny
and always made me feel special and loved.
Even in these last years, as her memory faded...
She knew me.
She may not have known my name...
but she knew me & filled my heart with such special memories
The very first time I met her, she smiled big 
and said, "Oh Your name is Lucy, 
You are going to be my next 
granddaughter -in-law!"
And I was.
Linda, Lori, Lisa and Lucy :)
I guess my "L" was her indicator.

As I got the message that Grammy  had died,
I turned to Mike and told him.
He did not believe me.
I told him again and again.
That Grammy was gone...
He could not believe it.
I don't want to have to tell Aidan that she died.
He is sleeping, and he will not take it well.
 At Christmas, the last thing that we wanted to do was sing Christmas Carols, 
but when Linda's Family called and asked
 if we would like to go sing at Grammy's Nursing home...
my heart melted a bit,
unfroze from its numb state...
And that is all I wanted to do.
See her smile.
We had a good time.
We laughed, smiled
and sang our hearts out. 
The dementia residents faces lit up bright as we began to sing
they did not care if we were flat, 
or too high or singing the wrong words.....
They loved it..
they smiled, they laughed, they sang along....
 It was good.

 This picture, was just a few weeks ago.
At the Bishop Christmas Gathering.

We love you Grammy,
We are glad you are free, but sad you are gone from our lives.
You brought many smiles, joy and laughter to our hearts.
Hey, Can you say hi to Calli and Mark & Linda and my dad for me?
I really miss them a lot.


  1. She was a beautiful woman and always smiling too. May she rest in peace.

    1. Oh Lucy, such a beautiful tribute to my Mom!!! Thank you so much!! That was a very nice day visiting Mom and singing Carols!! I was so glad you joined us! You, Mike and Aidan made Mom very happy that day! It's a wonderful memory. So hard to believe she's gone. She was one in a million and an Awesome Mom!! She will be missed by so many and there will be yet another void in our hearts for a loved one lost! I truly believe Calli, Linda and Mark were first in line to greet Mom when she crossed over and it must have been a beautiful reunion!! Love you so much!!!!

  2. This is such a Beautiful tribute to a lovely lady. Every time I saw June, she just warmed my heart. I'm just sorry that I never had the chance to visit her at her new place. She is will God & family now and will forever rest in Peace.

  3. God Bless You Lucy, I am so proud of you keeping the site up to date. I know it must take the strength of 1000 elephants some days to do this but look at you go! I am so grateful I got to know you!

  4. Dear Lucy

    June was right about you. You are beautiful. You did a wonderful job today at her services; certainly among the most touching I've ever been to. I longed for the opportunity to thank you for sharing your family's journey through "Oddballs." Although I've never met her, Calli has been a true inspiration to me as are you. Always in my thoughts,

    Carol (the cinnamon toast girl)


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