Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Eugene and Amos


 Winter came in softly
Teasing us with snow for a day or so...
Washing away all the dirt...
As the Christmas Season was approaching...
In each of us....
an awful anticipation...
a dread and an anger...
Depression settled in  our animals
It is strange, but hey feel her absence too....
Calli's cat Shaya went into hiding in the basement,
Butchy would lay in her crate
in the dark basement all day long
They were all moping around the house
Mike and Aidan too...
So i went and stirred up the house a bit.
And got two adorable kittens.

After Aidan's suggestion of "Poopy" as a name for he brown tabby,
Mike decided to name him "Amos."
I took it upon myself to name the black and white tabby, Eugene,
after my grandfather who died from leukemia when I was 6.

 they like to cuddle :)

 Amos sleeps on my face.
Or on my pillow when I am not home.
I think that is gross :(
 the dogs love the kittens too..
they really livened up the house
 see my wrinkles?
Amos loves to cuddle,
He is quite fiesty,
but in a fun way
Loves to pounce on Eugene
then lick him to sleep...
yeah he's kinda like me :)
 Amos...oye- He loves me,
not sure why exactly,
but he gives me a daily dose
of loving
 I a really not a cat person
especially since I am really allergic to them
 but something about these two...
calms me
calms all of us

 he was watching the snowflakes

 Amos knows he is not allowed on the counter,
Not sure what Mike did to him to get that point across :)
He watches as Mike and Aidan pack their lunches
Eugene does not like to get his picture taken,
does not care for cuddling,
but sleeps next to Mike each night
and  loves to be petted and itched behind his ear.
Yeah, He's kinda like Mike :)
 He sneeks on to Calli's bed to be close to Shaya,
who has finally comeout of hiding.
She is is not so sure about these little rascals,
but they are growing on her.

 getting too big to sleep on my face

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  1. Awwwwww. There is nothing like kittens (or cats for that matter) to quietly love us to pieces.


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