Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day

Callahan Mae Derstine
was set free from her earthly body
today, at 8:20 pm
She received Liberty on Independence Day.


  1. So very saddened to hear about the loss of Callie tonight, Continuing to pray for you during this difficult time.

  2. Her hair, her face, the smile! Even the birds in the sky see her and soar <3
    Oh Calli, how beautuful you are! Yesterday, today and always!!
    Thank you for all the joy that you have brought to all of us. To me. :)
    Love, your aunt alison xxxxxoooooooooo

  3. Sweet dear Calli, your spirit lives on. Set free from your earthly body soar with Jesus in Heaven. How brave you were in your fight. I will always remember you.

  4. My thoughts and prayers are with your family. I know our cousin Christopher was there to meet Callie with open arms.

  5. You do not know us, but we know of you and your beautiful Calli through the Marks family. HUGE, LOVING hugs are being sent your way! I wish we could've had the opportunity to meet Calli......what an amazing person she seemed to be & I'm sure a pretty terrific daughter! Our thoughts & prayers are with you all, & again, many hugs to you and a special one sent up to heaven for your 'baby girl'.

    The Bowring family.....xo

  6. Dear sweet Calli. How you must be rejoicing with Jesus. And how He must be rejoicing with you. And all those who have gone before. Is 57: 1&2 speaks of how the Lord takes some early to keep them from troubles to come. During her illness Calli blessed more people than you will know - until you join her in heaven. By you sharing in such a public forum more people were touched and how many came to know Jesus who might not have otherwise. You have no idea what a ministry the blog has been and I for one have been especially touched. Thank you. My heart is breaking and praising we will continue to keep you all in prayer. On a selfish note, I have been so blessed to have been able to pray. And amazed at His timing to allow me to see you all on our last visit to Pa. That was a highlight of my trip.

    God bless you.

  7. Amazing Love, Amazing God, AMAZING FAITH! God Bless you all. I am saddened to hear of your loss but happy to know Cali sits with the Lord. :-)

  8. Oh what a loss for your heart breaks for you. All words that come to mind are just not enough. Praying for you all....and Praising God in the truth that he has healed her and set her free from cancer and all that this fallen world had to offer.

  9. I have followed Calli's journey and prayed for oh so long a time. She and your family changed me. God bless you all, may His comforting arms wrap you up and not let you go. I look forward to the day I get to meet Calli on the other side of eternity. This time in between is just a blink.

  10. Lucy, my heart breaks for you, Mike & Aidan...but praise God for Calli's beautiful spirit, set free. We love you. Hunsbergers

  11. You do not know us, but we have followed your story. I am heartbroken over the loss of Calli. I am also hopeful and joyful at the thought of her healing, and the thought of her being with her Savior. Your family will be in our prayers through this road.

  12. I've been praying for your family ever since I found out about Callie about a year ago. I will continue to pray for each one of you - that you will find the peace that passes all understanding from the only One who can give it.
    Sue (Sterner) Arthur

  13. I'm absolutely broken for you... I've been thinking of and praying for you so often the past few weeks. Lucy, YOU are all in my prayers. May you know the grace and peace of the Lord during this time. You ALL fought well and are all our heros.

    Weeping for you...

  14. A beautiful girl who touched so many. Thank you Derstine family for sharing your journey.
    You are in my prayers.

  15. Dear Lucy, Mike and Aidan- We are so sorry for your loss. I am privileged to have gotten to know Calli and all of you this past year. What a loving and supporting family you are! Calli truly inspired me with her strength, courage, faith and joyful attitude toward life despite her illness. What a beautiful girl both inside and out. She was wise beyond her years. I will never forget her. I pray that your faith will comfort you at this heartbreaking time. Ken and I send our love, thoughts and prayers to you all. Sue and Ken McDermott

  16. Our hearts are heavy for you as you Mike and Auden deal with this but we rejoice that Callie is dancing with Jesus!! She is healed and surrounded by total peace.

  17. Mike, Lucy & Aiden, and all your family, we are continuing to pray for each of you as you walk through the coming days and weeks. We love you and if there is ever anything we can do just say the word. Love, John & Stephanie Kane

  18. Oh Calli kiss Jesus for us! We never had the honor to meet you this side of heaven but your amazing faith and the love of your family has touch our hearts profoundly. Michael, Lucy and Aidan you are all loved by so many you don’t even know! We talk of your amazing family often and pray for you even more. Callahan may have left this earth but the beauty of her life and how she lived it so well for Jesus will continue to live on.
    All our love in Christ,
    Richard and Anna Pettit

  19. My heart is heavy for you, I have no words. Only prayers lifting you to our Father.

  20. I am so glad I was blessed to meet your sweet girl. She was a beautiful light in a sometimes dark world. My deepest sympathies to all of you. You will all be close to my heart as you have been, but especially now.
    With Love,
    Suzanne, Michael, Daniel and Caroline McDermott

  21. I am so sad to hear this news -- Calli was so courageous and possessed such grace through her fight. It has been a true blessing for me to have been a part of her beautiful life. I will miss her. Love to all of you, Erin

  22. After reading this morning about Calli's home-going yesterday, I was greatly saddened. But then read some earlier posts back when she was first diagnosed and came across the poem she had posted. She is "playing, climbing trees and eating apples" with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and enjoying every forever minute with Him. Our prayers are with you and your family Lucy!
    with all our love,
    Janelle Rittenhouse and family

  23. So deeply sorry for your loss. "To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord." Still, it is so hard for those left behind. You are a beautiful family. May you know the comfort of the Lord in this difficult time.

  24. Rest in Peace sweet baby girl. May your family find peace in comfort in your strength. Heaven has gained another angel to watch over us.

  25. So sorry for your loss. May she rest in peace and continue to watch over her family. She made a huge impact on my life. Thank you for sharing her with all of us. I will continue to pray for all of you.

  26. I am truly saddened by your loss.
    God's blessing to all.


  27. I am truly saddened by your loss.
    God's blessing to the family.


  28. So sorry for your loss. I was encouraged reading your blog. What a beautiful testimony Calli had. May you feel God's love and all the support from friends and loved ones during this time. God Bless you!

  29. Can't believe im checking out this blog for the first time today. I was so heartbroken to get that text message but Calli will live on in spirit. Thinking of you always, and praying you receive the strength to cope and heal.

  30. Sweet little angel beneath the moon
    The stars were shining and so are you
    I saw your light
    Shining so bright

    I saw the smile on your face
    And it brought joy to my heart
    The way that your beauty was placed
    you are such a precious work of art

    You're only 15 and you taught me
    Life is much more than what we see
    We should make our plea but trust GOD for our destiny

    Cause there's so much beauty to behold
    A world of wonder to unfold
    You're safe with a pure heart and soul
    You turned on the light
    In the dark of the night

    I saw a message today...
    The man told me you passed away
    I couldn't find the words to say,
    I started to pray~~~~

    And then I cried and cried and cried

    and now I sigh

    But the truth is that you are nigh

    to the MOST HIGH

    you really didn't die

    but now in perfect peace you fly

    Derestine family, When your heart begins to ache
    Remember that she's in a place
    Looking at Jesus face to face!!

    She wouldn't want you to suffer so hold on to your faith

    Bye Bye sister Calli

    You've touched so many

    Inspired so many

    Taught so many

    And so has your family!

    We'll see you in the daylight

    Thanks for braving the fight
    and sharing with us your plight
    and being a delight
    til you got your invite
    (2 Corinthians 5:7-8)

    It was a pleasure to have known you

    (Adapted from Nicole C. Mullen's song 'bye bye Brianna')


    I didn't know you too well but I knew you well enough
    to be touched by your gorgeous beauty and faith
    You, your mom, your dad and brother are one of the most beautiful families I have EVER known!

    When I think of you I think of vibrant stunning gorgeous (inside and out) talented loving bright intelligent loved blessed shining pretty sweet kind on fire & wonderful...

    Oh how I wish I would have told you...

    I told you a little but I wish I would have told you more sweet girl.

    Our thoughts & prayers are with you all right now. LORD have mercy on this family, JESUS hold them up and surround them at this time.

    Calli, We hope to see you dancing on the streets of GOLD, visiting with you in your mansion when our time comes.

    HUGS and Love to you all,

    Wilkerson family

  31. So sorry for the family's loss, but grateful that Callie is resting in Jesus' arms. God bless you all.
    The Brickell family

  32. Praying for you in this difficult time. What a witness your family has been on this journey!!! Hugs and many prayers sent your way.

  33. Calli, I don't know you but I read all the post about your battle with cancer. I live in Canada and I have 2 teen agers ...Good bye and I will miss my day to day reading your website

  34. You are a beautiful family...I will be praying for you all this year ahead for the loss of your lovely girl. Appreciate your love so evident in each and every blog.

  35. Hello,
    This is Sarah from Alaska, I read this this morning and was saddened by the news. At the same time I know Calli is happy and healthy with the Lord. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family in this time, much love and blessings,
    Sarah Baureis - aka the Donovan Clan in AK.

  36. My heart is sad and heavy. Your daughter is beautiful and her spirit will live on. I will keep you all close in prayer. ~Liz

  37. You dont know me, but I've been reading this blog from the beginning. I checked multiple times a day looking for an update and was horribly saddened when I found out Callie had passed. I can tell simply from words that she was a beautiful person. I'm praying for your entire family. And Callie, rest easy now. -K

  38. My heart is saddened for your family... I have followed your journey and am awestruck by the grace and courage of this beautiful young woman.. Fly high with the angels sweet girl... Hugs and prayers continue...


  39. Such courage and grace. I have followed your story for a while and am saddened to hear of Calli's passing. Her story has touched me because of your love, faith and devotion. Fly high sweet angel...

  40. While I never met you or your beautiful daughter Calli, I have followed your blog this past year. Calli's faith and relationship with her Lord was truly inspiring. I have prayed for you daily and will continue to do so in the days & weeks ahead. May God continue to bless you & comfort you all.

  41. I know that you don't know me at all. I know some folks who know you and I've watched Calli's journey heavenward. Praying for peace, comfort and love to surround you all during this time. You have been an amazingly real witness to an amazingly real God through this whole struggle. Praying for you and your family. Praying the Lord come quickly so that you will be reunited.

  42. Our hearts go out to you, Mike and Aidan. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all for the loss of your beautiful daughter and loving sister. The Killough family

  43. Welcome home, Calli. I only met you once, but your story has made a great impact on me.I will miss you very much. All my prayers to you, Mike, Lucy, and Aidan.

    Lydia <3

  44. Lucy - Your decision to keep your eyes fixed on Jesus no matter the circumstances has been a blessing to see as I have followed your family's journey. Thank you for sharing Calli with us. Praying for you all...

    Christine Delaporte

  45. Dear Lucy and family,

    My heartfelt condolences for the loss of your beautiful girl. We've been praying for all of you and will now continue to pray for your peace and God's healing arms wrapped around you.

    Love, Sarah Patram

  46. We weep. God is sovereign. His grace is enough.

  47. Calli, your beautiful smile and precious life has been a blessing to all. God has used you in a mighty way sweet angel. May the God of comfort be with your family and peace beyond all understanding fill their hearts knowing you are with Jesus, smiling down on them.
    Miss Barbara

  48. My heart goes out to my friend Lucy, Mike, Aiden and Sheila for their loss. But I will mourn while you mourn and rejoice when you rejoice. Calli was a great warrior.

  49. My heart breaks hearing this news. I wish I could be there to hold you while you cry. I have been praying for your family for a long time. I have known this family for a long time. Sweet Cali rest in Jesus arms with your crown of jewels. My prayer turn to the family mike Lucy and aiden. May you have rest and peace in Him during this time. While this world is but a mere blink compared to eternity to be with Cali again. My deepest condolences to you all.
    From Don and Darlene Young family.

  50. May you have the peace only Jesus gives that passes all understanding. You are a wonderful family and we are saddened, but also know this is not the end. Soon we will all be together rejoicing in heaven. Love, The Donovan's

  51. So so sorry! I remember you posting about how much Calli loves Butterflies. Seeing how many people she impacted, some she never even met....She is the Butterfly Effect! Hugs to you Mike, Lucy and Aiden. We won't stop praying!

  52. Our hearts have always been with you guys and are very heavy for your loss. We have never been more inspired or touched by anyone as we have been by your family's strength and grace. Love the Northrops

  53. So sorry to hear of your loss. Heaven has gained a wonderful soul. I will be praying for comfort and peace for each of you; her wonderful family. I know you will miss her so. Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us. Rest in Him. She is peacefully doing so now.

  54. After following Calli's journey every step of the way I felt broken by this news yesterday. It is news that I so hoped I would never have to read on this page. As the mother of a child who was diagnosed with brain cancer at age 3 I can say that your pain is not completely foreign to me. But the hope and faith that your family has held onto after everything you have endured has been remarkable. I know that you will continue to be strong and to honor Calli's memory, and I am in awe of that. Sending love and strength your way for the days ahead.

  55. Mike, Lucy, Aiden and family....I had read in a comment above that the words coming to her were just not enough. All I can say is how sorry I am and how in awe I am at your strength because I don't know if I could have done what you did through this blog. God bless you and keep you strong through this difficult time.
    Lee Ann


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