Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Here is a beautiful poem that was written for Calli, by her friend Kalie Seizmore. We were blessed to read it the day after she went home....we cried, knowing that this is just what Calli would be saying to us.


What does courage look like to you?
Do you think of the colors red, white, and blue?
Do you think of someone who stood up for the weak?
Someone who never gives up until they find what they seek?
All of these things are nice that’s true,
 but I think of something different than you.
I think of a young girl whose life went into a whirl
Why, you ask does she come to mind?
A girl whose life was in a bind?
Because she was stronger and braver than most
even though her body would soon become a host
A host of a terrible thing
 something that makes you not want to sing
Cancer I’ve been told has no cure
unfortunately the doctors were sure
She had the courage of a warrior and the strength of a solider.
That is how you would describe her
She fought for over a year, over many a shed tear
To be free from cancer was her plea
to run and dance again and just to be
On the fourth of July at age 15
she met her Lord and King
All I can do is cry as I wonder why?
But if she was here today I know that she would say:
“It was a long hard fight, it was a long last night
It was the pain and the sorrow
 and the hope for a tomorrow
You loved, you cared, everything you had you shared
You gave, and you hoped
I know you tried and did your best to cope
Now that I’m gone I want you all to carry on
I want you to laugh like you used to
and smile till it hurts you
Now I can see, it’s just the way He said it would be
With the saints, the angles,
Jesus, and me
Our prayer didn’t turn out wrong
now I get to join in with the angles song
In the chorus up above the chorus of love
With the saints, the angels, Jesus, and me
Wrapped in the arms of Jesus is where I wanted to be,
I heard Him say ‘this ones with Me’
I wish that you could smell these flowers
and marvel in His powers
If you could see the pearly gates
and all of the treasure that awaits
You would be happy for me no tears would we see
Here with the saints, the angels, Jesus, and me
I know its hard living in the world of darkness;
just wait till you see this kingdom of brightness
This is truly where we belong ;
singing in with the angels song
When you reach the kingdom too,
know that I will be waiting for you
With the saints, the angles, Jesus, and me.”
That is what I believe my dear friend would say.
I don’t think she would have it any other way
Now do you see why I think of her?
Do you understand madam or sir?
She was and will always be
a wonderful memory living in me.
See you soon.

This song was written by a guy that lost his little girl.  Calli was so drawn to it, from the first time that she heard it, she played it over and over again and said, "Mom, I don't know why, but I am so drawn to this song."  Well, now we know, she wants us to hear the message in it.


She wants us to sing a song of HOPE.  Her hope was not just to be healed.  Someone said to me, "So much for, "Pray Believe and Dare to Hope..."  WHAT?  No, no, we continue to pray, believe and dare to HOPE that we will see Jesus and Calli again.  her Hope, our HOPE was greater than just being healed from a disease, her hope was higher, and LIVING.  We have a LIVING HOPE in Jesus.  No prayer was wasted, no breath of hope said in agony and tears for her healing was wasted...Hope is not lost!

She is singing

Blessing and Honor and glory and power

forever and ever

to her God

The God of HOPE

Calli now knows more than we do 

she knows in FULL, we only know in part.

She is experiencing an orientation of divine exchange....of HEAVEN

oh the sights and wonders and saints she is meeting.  

I know she is worshiping the Lord, and asking so many questions...

not just to Him but to others.  

How glorious!

How can I keep from singing?  

How can I keep silent?  

God is still good, all of the time.

His grace is sufficient for me.  

The last words Calli said were, "I just want to go home."  

Before she went home, she saw things, she kept saying that our house was so big, that the rooms were huge, she kept seeing "Scotland" outside, and said our yard was so beautiful..she was seeing Heaven.

Reading through her Bible, she has so may verses outlined, underlined and highlighted...

she loved God's word.  

I am reading through psalms in her is comforting me and blessing me

She was just a traveler here, she truly knew and thought of Heaven as her home.

She saw bits and pieces the last week before she went there.  

She told me of what she was seeing.....

Oh how marvelous, Oh how wonderful- 

Can you just imagine the glee and sparkle in her turquoise blue eyes as she beholds the beauty of Heaven?

Earth is a garbage dump compared to there.

A year ago, Calli and I we were driving to Philly for radiation and Chemo, we were alone and she said.. 

"Mom, I don't know why people are afraid to die, I am not scared or afraid to die.  I can't wait to get to Heaven!  I get to see Jesus!  I have so many questions to ask Him....... and Grandpop, and Nana Minnie... Misty and Boots and  oh mom!  I get to meet Keith Green, and King David, and Esther and Ruth, and Paul, Elijah!  Oh mom, Laura Ingalls Wilder is there!  Do you think Anne Frank is in Heaven?  I have so many questions to ask these people.  But I am kinda sad, because I wish that Anne of Green Gables was a real person, and all the Sacketts that Louis Lamore wrote about were real people and would be there to meet me....."

I was delighted to hear this from my precious child.

No fear.

Only Excitement, pure joy and eager anticipation

Little did she know, she would also be greeted by her Grandmom and my dad....

Calli loved this song by Keith Green- a person who she could not wait to meet when she Got to heaven.

Oh I can see her now,  

making perfect music to the Lord, 

WITH the Lord, 

and playing piano right next Keith Green, 

and ringing bells and no one will mess up the timing!!!  

It is perfect JOY!

Oh Calli, my precious, 

I KNOW where you are, 

you are home 

and filled with such JOY 

and You are PERFECT 

and you ARE NOT an Angel- 

YOU ARE higher than the ANGELS!  


HIS Beloved Bride- 

My sweets, enjoy your wedding day!

What a feast!

Daddy said that you could eat whatever you wanted 

And you'll never get full, 

he said you would love that!

You are living

and running

and dancing

and singing

and riding the most glorious horses

and swimming in the deepest clearest waters

and you'll never have to come up to get your breath!

You are soaring on Eagle's wings

With all the birds and butterflies


Oh my "Towy Mae"

I can't wait to see you again


  1. this is the most beautiful thing I have ever read. It makes me want to go to heaven and realize how much i want to be close to the Lord. Calli was such an insperation to me and i didn't even know her. I barely knew you. I have followed your blog through Julie's facebook and my sister Heather.(went to church with you about 20 years ago). Calli has been on my mind all week and I look forward to meeting her someday. I remember the fire for the Lord that burned inside me when i was her age, even younger, and it has faded some over the years. well, its back. thank you and God bless your family. Love, Amy

  2. What beautiful words and thoughts Lucy! I have no doubt of your love for Jesus and Heaven and the joy of Calli being there with the saints and angels. The funeral was a beautiful tribute to who Calli was and where she is now. Thank you for being such a strong and courageous woman and mother, an example to us all. May God bless you in the days and weeks and months to come.

  3. Lucy....what an amazing service on Tuesday....I will never forget you praising God during 'Blessed be your Name!!'...That picture of your faith, hope, and joy in the midst of your greatest loss will forever be a picture in my mind of what it means to truly trust God!...Will be praying for you in the days ahead and am excited to see how the Lord continues to use Calli's life and testimony through the lives of her precious family and friends!!!! Jen Connors

  4. Calli's friend wrote a beautiful poem and did a wonderful job reading it during the service. Such true words.

    Whoever said to give up dreams and hope is not right! Living with Hope was Calli's slogan! :) She still wants all of us to live that way. duh.

    The service, music, all was lovely.
    Be well, hug each other and eat all that mint chocolate chip ice cream!!

  5. Loved that poem and she did a great job reading it!

    Calli's "slogan" was living hope- for everyone, not just her! Dreaming, hoping is good :)

    Hey, don't waste all that mint ice cream! :D

  6. Beautiful words from a beautiful family. I don't know you but have been following Calli's journey. I am amazed at you faith and hers. I am a doubting Thomas but you are making me a believer through your story. Please share some of Calli's observations of heaven. What a gift she is giving all of us who are following. She is helping to ease my fears and for that I can't thank you enough. My prayers are with you in the days ahead. I feel honored to know your family even if it is through the computer.

  7. Beautiful words for a beautiful girl. Thinking of all of you...
    Suzanne McDermott

  8. You are right! She is ABOVE the Angels <3 <3 Well said and beautiful poem by her friend.. just perfect really.

  9. When I found out Calli had passed away, I cried and cried, but when I stopped, I was filled with an overwhelming peace and I could see her, running through these fields full of flowers all the way to heaven. I've always been afraid of death, but after Calli died , I saw that death was really only the beginning of something so beautiful that our minds could barely imagine it. I know that Calli wanted me to be able to understand that. :)

  10. Thanks for sharing. Praying for your familoy. It is such a joy to know that we will join our loved ones one day in heaven.

  11. While it was still extremely sad, that was the most wonderfully encouraging funeral I have ever been to. I am so glad that you had Dick there to perform the service.

    The poem by Calli's friend was so moving and the burial was so simple and beautiful. The kids are still saying that it is hard to believe that she is really gone and they wish it was all a dream that they could wake up from. Aiden said he kept pinching himself and biting his tongue to make sure he really was awake. :(

    I have been thinking about how the butterfly really was symbolic of Calli's life. While the cancer ate away at her body, God was doing a new thing and now she has been set free from her earthly cocoon. Did you know that the Greek word for butterfly is "psyche", which means soul? When I heard that I got the chills.

    We will never forget her and she will always have a special place in our hearts.

  12. So beautiful Lucy! We continue to think of you all often and of Callie. I share Callie's story and writings with so many people who are touched, challenged and inspired by her life. Love you all!

  13. Lucy - read your blog today - what a blessing! I know that Calli is enjoying the wonders and splendor of Heaven! I know that you are missing her as well. I miss her! I am keeping you in my prayers. I think of Calli often. Thank you for posting her thoughts, sayings, and poems. I look forward to seeing her again. Blessings, Joanne

  14. Lucy- you guys were on my heart this week so I went to check your blog. I am so sorry for your loss and I am sorry we missed the funeral. Calli was, and is, such an inspiration. She lived a life of beauty, passion, and grace. That was so clear from your blog. And you were the best advocate for her you could have possibly been. My prayers are with you and your family. The Albaneses


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