Thursday, June 28, 2012


so beautiful- 15!!!   2:36 am on her birthday :)


Sorry it has taken so long to update- we are very busy,and lots of changes going on around here...more on that on a later post...but for now- here are birthday blessings!

Just some fun birth facts about Calli :)  
Her dad hated every name I came up with.  He would think of the names people would call her or make fun of her if given a particular name that I liked.....
So he heard the name Calli, and said, "Hey lets call her Calli."  I loved it!  It means "Most Beautiful," and she is!  Since I loved all things IRISH, I said, "Lets name her Callahan, and call her Calli."  We both loved it, and it stuck.  
Callahan Mae
Calli was born on June 12, 1997
2:36 am at North Penn Hospital 
in Lansdale, PA
she weighed 7 lbs. 6 oz
was 19 " long
just as pink as ever
and had the most perfectly rounded head
she had the bluest eyes 
and little curls on her head
she never left my side 
When she first emerged into the world, 
she was SCREAMING.  
The nurse told me that in the 20 years of working labor & delivery, that she had never heard a baby 
scream so loudly as Calli :)
 The nurses, her grandparents, Mike and I, 
were all amazed that at one day old, 
she could hold her head up all by herself!  
She was and always has been blessedly strong-willed, determined, and focused!
This gorgeous cake was designed and lovingly baked by Candy Knappenberger, from Lehighton, a wonderful volunteer baker for Icing Smiles, a non-profit that bakes cakes for kids with cancer.
We had no clue what the cake would look like, all I told Candy, was that Calli loved chickadees, robin's egg blue, old world history, reading, and carnations that look real.
Calli was elated!!!
We were expecting a square, or round cake, not this piece of art.  It was like an old mosque looking bird cage.  The chickadee was so real looking, and the carnations so perfect.  This cake is the essence of Calli- Simply Elegant.


 Tuesday started with a special delivery of home-made Scones, jam  and real clotted cream from England! It was secretly delivered by dear friends who went to Scotland with us a few years back.  Thank you -You made Calli smile!

 We got other SPECIAL & delicious deliveries all throughout the day!

 beautiful delicious cookies- how neat!
 NEW YORK CITY'S CRUMBS CUPCAKES - the one place she wanted to go but we never got to!
 BALLOONS TIED TO OUR MAIL BOX- what a great surprise!

an edible arrangement- those are chocolate covered bananas!!!

Calli was surrounded by love all day long...actually all week long!  Throughout the day and week, she had so many visitors.  Nothing was planned by us, no visitors, or happenings....but it was all planned by God.  One by one, people came and visited her throughout the day, and even into the days following.

This is Jenn, the art therapist- Calli and Aidan always look forward to Jenn coming once a week to visit and talk and give them their one on one time together with out mom or dad in the way :)  Super big plus,they make really cool and inspiring art projects together.

Auntie Abbe has taken such wonderful care helping mom and dad with Calli.
The scriptures and cards that you all sent to Calli were such an encouragement. 
As she read each card, from strangers, and family, and friends of friends...So many of the verses were the same!  As we read each one we were all encouraged, edified and comforted.  Thank you so much to everyone who made Calli's birthday a memorable and special day!

Dr. Belasco- There are no words really to express how thankful we are that she is Calli's doctor.   How many doctors do you know that give you their personal cell phone number, make home visits &stay for two hours...& call you on Memorial Day just to catch up:)  DR "B" YOU ROCK!


Isn't this cool? 


 This is so special, I hope you can read what Glenda wrote...
Donna, a fellow cancer survivor, loves the Lord and encourages Calli so much.

REESE, That Granola was just perfect :)

Even little Ryelan came to say hey!
 The only thing Calli wanted to do on her birthday was go to TEXAS ROADHOUSE and get fried pickles, an onion blossom, ribs and a steak!

always sketching something :)
With having a super tough week, and seizures the entire week before, we were unsure if we would be able to get her out of bed, into a shower, fully dressed and into and out of a wheelchair multiple times, and into and out of the vehicles- add that it moves when you turn corners..... and sit for hours at a table-  without jumbling up her head too much.  You see, there was a time, not too long ago, that each time we moved her head, she had a seizure.

But as we believed and hoped, the the day went without a seizure!  God is good!


YOU SEE...Calli has had multiple seizures in the last 6 weeks.  
Mike has been home this whole time, working with me all through the night and all through the day, helping Calli, helping Aidan, helping the nurses and aides.... 
Anyway what does that have to do with a salad right?  
Well each time Calli had a seizure, 
and if for some reason I am not in the room, 
or taking care of some other thing, he says,
 "Lucy, Calli is having a Caesar!"  
For some reason he cannot say seizure 
but says "Caesar..."
ya know
like the salad.  
We try and get him to say it correctly, 
you should really see Calli trying to tell him how to pronounce it
But it is of no use
 its kind of like how he cannot say "horticultural" either :)
ordering our food, 
and Calli loves Caesar salads, 
and Mike is quite fond of them as well....
so she orders hers with no problem, 
and as he goes to order his he says, 

" I would like a seizure salad!"  

 Oh MY GOSH!!!  
He finally said it!  
BUT... Wow! what a hysterical moment!
We laughed so hard, 
we all just laughed 
and laughed 
and laughed.
the waitress had no clue

We had such a blessed time, and the poor TEXAS Roadhouse people tried to say happy birthday in their Calli's reaction- lol

now that we were back home, it was time for music, singing and cake!
 During a very very hard time for Aidan...the times he had to watch his sister endure some of the worst moments...he went to the solace of his room and wrote a song.  
He was not sure what the words should be, but the music just flowed through him.
he knew it was for Calli..meanwhile, Nana had been thinking of a song all by herself too...a song for Calli.  When Aidan played his song for Nana, and Nana sang her 3 words for him...the words... the lyrics, just flowed out of Nana onto paper...into his song.  They sang it together and the Lord sealed it.  What a gift!

Here is a video of their song to Sissy on her 15th birthday

 Dad and Uncle Steve-our videographers :)

 Nana and Uncle Steve blessed us with their presence twice on Calli's birthday!

 We just wanted to thank everyone, the strangers and friends and family that sent Calli a birthday card or gift, the scriptures, flowers, fruit, cookies, cakes, packages from afar....her day was so very special.  The whole week was special.  

We also wanted to especially thank those that have been helping make a meal for us and helping us out around the home, with Calli's care, and with her needs.  In the last year, you all have never stopped encouraging us and supporting us as a family.  Sending encouraging and kind words, scriptures and reminders of hope have meant so much to us. You have no idea how much we appreciate your help, support and love.

‘Normal day,
let me be aware of the treasure you are. 
Let me learn from you,
love you,
bless you before you depart. 
Let me not pass you by
in quest of some rare and perfect tomorrow. 
Let me hold you while I may,
for it may not always be so. 
One day I shall dig my nails into the earth,
or bury my face in the pillow,
or stretch myself taut,
or raise my hands to the sky and want,
more than all the world, your return. 
~Mary Jean Iron


  1. Love you Calli. Those pictures from your birthday dinner are making me hungry. Love the nail polish. Did you like the colors I brought over the other day? 2 special colors for a very special lady.
    God Bless,

  2. Great pictures and comments Lucie. What a special girl Calli is and and so blessed to have you as her mom! And Mike and Aiden have been such a steady support for you (from my point of view)
    God bless you in your journey,
    Janelle Rittenhouse

  3. Her cake is absolutely incredible. I LOVE it. I love it so much. What a dear, sweet lady to do something so lovely! I love that she had a seizure free day. I love Aiden's song. I love all of it. It was perfect. Praying every day. Love to you all. Beck

  4. What an awesome day! Your cake was STUNNING!! It was beautiful! And Aidan, you and your Nana make quite a team!! I loved your song and your nana sang it very well! Happy Birthday!
    Lydia <3


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