Thursday, June 7, 2012

Night Songs

June 12 is Calli's 15th birthday.  
Could you please send her a postcard or a card- and in it, could you please include your favorite scripture, or a scripture that speaks to you.

 Quakertown Starbucks is doing an Alex's lemonade stand on June 8th, this Friday.  They will be holding a carnival with games and raffles to raise money for ALSF as well as having a table set up to honor Calli- their local hero.  They'll have cards for people to write notes to Call. Make sure to go out and support Alex's in June.

Also, Alex's Lemonade Stand's Great Chef's Event will be on Calli's birthday.  She was supposed to go as an honorary guest, but I don't think we will be venturing out.  Even though she can't go,  they are naming their Fund-A-Cure Project in honor of Calli at the event next Tuesday.  Fund-A-Cure is a live auction that encourages attendees to make a donation to childhood cancer research.  

We think that is awesome, and very honoring of our Calli and her struggle and fight.  Please go out, and support one of these or both of these events, in honor of Calli.
 One day last week...I made horrible sundaes for Mike and Calli :)

 I am pretty sure that they enjoyed them.

Memorial Day Weekend, Aidan marched in a parade with his TaeKwonDo Pals...

these guys are so cool

Aidan and I rode rides, while Dad and Sissy watched

Aidan won a goldfish- lol

Aidan's super awesome friend Josh :)
 So after  the parade on Saturday...things went down hill.

Aidan reading to Sissy
We had quite a rough last two weeks
Sissy reading to Aidan

We finally were able to finish Calli's room, get her settled in, and enjoy some good old fashioned quality time :)
I was very tired :) Calli beat me!
I made a collage for her wall
Happy dogs
During one of Calli's seizures, a really really bad one, she was moaning and screaming and her eyeballs were popping out of her head, and then suddenly..... she began to speak in another language.  
IT was not mumbles
 it was clear and definitely Asian of some sort.  
Mike and I just looked at one another and continued ourselves to pray in the Spirit.  
God is so good.  
As she spoke in this other tongue, during a grand Mal seizure no less, she uttered in English, "I love You...." and then more foreign words came, and then "Aidan.." 
So we got Aidan, and he prayed too, we were all praying together, then the most beautiful sound came forth from within her...
she began to sing in the most beautiful language, another language- so clearly, so pure."

God comforted her as no one can.

Last week was a blur...lots of seizures, lots of emotions, lots of prayer, and singing, and it was during a seizure that came later another day...that yet more came forth from within Calli's being...more wisdom, more power, more prophetic utterances.

Aidan and I were alone with her, and again, she began to speak in this tongue, and Aidan heard Korean words- he heard "Bow on your knees, and Thank You."  

Another time, she sang again in the most beautiful voice. I have it on video, it is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard.

Then another time, she spoke prophetic utterances, so deep, so profound- all during grand Mal seizures- she was totally out of it.  I recorded two times- it is awesome.  

Some of the things spoken from her during the seizures, were : 
"take the scales off of your eyes, family, family, take the scales off, both hands, when will you see? take them off, ...."
and..."faith, by His stripes, faith, will walk, you will walk.....physical rejuvenation, mental rejuvenation...."  
There is more.
The very power of God took over a bad situation, a hopeless moment, a moment where all we could do was pray and worship, believe, and then God blessed Calli and us with his wisdom, promises, and words....and comfort us as only He can.

After two very hard days full of non-stop seizures, I began to speak those things that came forth from her mouth over he body.  Each time she seizes, I speak God's words, God's promises over her life- no matter what I am seeing.  Faith is not seeing...Faith is believing it especially when you don't see it.  
She said that during one of the seizures, she saw scales on many peoples eyes and that we had to take them off of them...but that other people were actually trying to take them off of her eyes,and they were actually hurting her, burning her eyes- she said it was demonic, and hurt her eyes.

Sunday, she was so tired, and we were too, and some friends came to visit, and then it poured rain and a double rainbow came here ...twice it came- 

God always keeps His promises...the next day, Calli was normal, seizure free, but then again yesterday, more seizures, and through the night last night.  Again, we cannot go by what we are seeing or not seeing.  Faith does not waiver, he who doubts is tossed about like a wave on the ocean.

Mike and I are up most of the night and all day with her.  I think I got two showers in 7 days :)  I love sitting by Calli, I love being there with her and for her 24/7 she is my gift, my child and it is my job that I love.  
Aidan has been such a good brother, sitting with her, and reading to her, and it is very hard to watch his sister suffer through this trial.
 Watch what you say, watch what you think...for every idle word you will held accountable.  Someone spoke something so sad, so very inappropriate to Aidan, that put fear in his heart, and doubt and each time Calli seized he thought she was dying, because someone said that seizures meant you were going to die soon...I did not react exactly as I should have to this person...but God...but God...just wants me to focus on matter what I do..or anyone else...or what we are is all just distractions....things may look bad, but the thing is...
We walk by FAITH not by SIGHT.  Faith insists.God wants us to worship Him through matter what we see, we must keep our eyes on Jesus...just let it all go... and be and believe 

Challenge yourself, challenge your faith...worship through you doubts, your pain, through your heart breaking, through it all.....

A good friend was praying for Calli, and he fell asleep praying, which I love, I think God loves it too, when we fall asleep on His lap just worshiping Him and praying for our beloved family...he feel asleep and had a dream, in the dream Calli was healthy as an ox. She was walking around, laughing, dancing, etc... She definitely did not look like the pictures above. He then heard the words "Calli is fine" and then he heard, 
"Faith is not believing God can do it, 
Faith is knowing God will do it."

It is not...I believe but I am being realistic here...NO that is not faith, that is doubt.

 So, after all that,she smiles :)

Aidan had a wonderful opportunity to play in the worship at Franconia Mennonite Church on Sunday...I did not get to see him, so if anyone got a video, please send it to me :)

Also...God is just so very good, and always always provides.  do not ever doubt that God will provide exactly what you need, and at the moment you need it.   Mike had to take off the last several weeks, and will most likely take the next of as well...we need him home to help us.  He has no vacation or personal time left...but i knew God would provide.  
Literally the day after I said that to Mike, two of his classmates from CD's Class of 95' showed up at our door with a gift from the Class of 95'.  It is enough provision to get us through the weeks he must take off.  See?  How can you doubt God?  He is good-  
Thanks so much Class of 95' for letting God use you, to just confirm, perfect and strengthen us, and our faith.  There are so many more too, that have given, and it has blessed us, and provided meals each week, gas cards, grocery cards, money for equipment, meds etc.... thank you so much and we are so thankful.

Tonight, Calli wanted ice cream :) She said she wanted to try a new Mike went and got several :)

Uncle Tom and Terri came over tonight, and Aidan got to go up in his Cherry picker :)  He took some really awesome pics for us.

On other interesting news- Mike and I found this huge slug the other night!

Isn't he cute?  I would not let Mike put salt on him...even though he said it would be a science experiment ;P
And I know we are late on the uptake..but apparently there was a bear in our yard!  A neighbor snapped a pic of him at the post office, which is literally 50-80 ft from our house.  
sorry such a bad copy, but that is a big black bear (at least to me!)
Then we were told, that the bear came to our yard, climbed and stood up at our fence and apparently our dogs were going nutso barking (what Else is new?) and the neighbor tried to scare the bear away from our dogs.  No wonder they have been so eager to go outside- except for Roscoe, who is even more terrified :)
Mike found its berry-laden poop today.
he said it got the runs from the mulberries :)
 So, wow, what a time we are having!  Heavenly visits, night songs, double rainbows, huge slugs, cherry picking visits,  and bears... oh my!

God is so good and His love endures forever.  


  1. I am so glad that we have rainbows. I think we will all have our personal "floods" and then our rainbows - I have had them and I know the reassurance they give. It is the Lord's personal reminder to us. We continue to pray. It always amazes how perfect His timing is. We were so blessed to see you at the fair and He knew we would be there. How really blessed we were. Thank you Lord! I actually have some Alex
    Lemonade jewelry - it had pink & yellow crystals. I mean, what could be better than to wear jewelry with a purpose? I mean really! Love you guys!!

  2. Happy Birthday Sweet Girl....
    Suzanne, Michael, Daniel and Caroline McDermott

  3. Michelle PedrickJune 7, 2012 at 3:19 PM

    Lucy- your faith is so inspiring to me... I am Tom's neice, Michelle. I have 4 children of my own and it seems that each time I am at my "wit's end" with silly things, Terri will post a link to your blog on her facebook and I remember, once again, what a precious gift our children are! Your children are absolutely beautiful, and my prayers are with them (and you and Mike!) every single day... our God is the great physician and I pray for a miraculous healing!! you are all amazing and so strong, such beautiful souls xoxoxo
    Thank you for sharing your story with us, the love you all share is beautiful and truly honors Him xxoxoxox

  4. Praying for a miracle Lucy. Praying and praying. God please heal Calli. Please heal your precious child.

  5. Happy Birthday Calli! Praying for ya'll everyday.

  6. Will you be sharing the videos of Calli's heavenly visit? Would love to share in HIS glory! God bless you all.

  7. Hi, we were at Franconia, for our niece's baptism that Sunday, and I remember Mike Ford announcing that Aiden was the guest worship band player - I did not realize that that was your Aiden! :) He did a great job and we really enjoyed the worship singing, especially the first song! Can't remember the name of the first song, but maybe Aiden will! Tell him he did great and thank him for sharing his talents! I am sure that was a great experience for him!
    We continue to pray for Cali and your family.
    Rachelle and Luke Bergey


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