Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A poem by Lucy

I painted my nails black today,
When you asked if I'd thought you were supposed to die
Underneath the black
Lies my naked nail
Clinging to your shirt and thigh

Holding you soft
Squeezing so tight
The tears thundered out
My heavings of fight

Do not say that
Don't even think it
Wear my tears around your neck
Like a trinket

The tears streaming round
Your burned neck so bare....
Hold a key in their loosing...
A truth to be shared

Guard every thought
Take captive every word
The enemy is hovering
To kill my little bird

Plunder he may
Mess up and confuse
But my sweets...
He will never
Walk a step in your shoes
But Jesus has won my love,
And He has walked where you are....
So courage! 
Hold on tight!
It's not very far....

This is just another set back
A heartache
Another battle to fight

I am here my sweets
I 'll hold you tighter
Can you see my sweets
You were born a fighter

My tears have soaked
The solace of your embrace,
In your arms I've lost all reason
All sense of time and place

The dam is broken wide
You've unsheathed the sword
I've been holding at my side

It is time to step to action
Not give up the fight
It is time get His strength
It is time to get His might

Take no thought my child
Give no heed to those vile words
They're whispered and spoken
By fallen soldiers
They're planted by scheming birds

Only believe
Only believe

This is just a mountain climb
Over and under and 
Pass through the rocks,
Their jagged, raw edges take time

Look up
Look up

Can you see the mountain peak
It is right there my love
Keep going!
Move on!
Though the path is steep

It is near my love,
Courage my sweets ...
Fret not my Calli
Jesus has given you hinds feet.

-Lucy Derstine 1/10/12


  1. A beautiful poem
    written by a beautiful poet
    to a child who is
    poetry in motion.

    God Bless. Hold tight. Have Peace and Serenity.

  2. Love and prayers!


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