Monday, January 2, 2012

A new year

Calli and Aidan Winter 2000

I found this picture today, with the scripture taped to it.  Looking back, I wish that I would have kept that scripture at the forefront of my mind.  

So many regrets, mistakes and decisions made...based on emotions.  

God has given me two beautiful children.  The only thing a parent ever desires... truly when their child is born, is that they will be healthy, have 10 fingers and toes, be illness free... live a long life.

Today I am reminded, once again, that life goes by too quickly.  The days... years.... have evaporated before me.  So many days, hours, and moments I have wasted on stupid junk- time wasters.  So much energy I have wasted on trying to change others, and trying to control situations that no one can control, but God.

This time of year, we are all thinking of what we can change for the better...
this year, I want to live simple, focus my energy and attention on my children and my husband- the family God has given to me.  
This year, I want to forgive, and let go, and move on.  

This is my earnest prayer... 
to give control over to God- it is definate
for more patience and gentleness while parenting my children
for love to increase in my heart so I can be a good wife to Mike 
for joy, peace, and trust to envelope my brain and filter out the chaos so that all I can see is beauty
to sing again, even when I don't feel like singing  or when the world tells me there is nothing to sing about
to be humble and admit when I am wrong and to seek peace and pursue it
to listen and stay in the presence of God 
to find strength and contentment that only God can give.

There is much much more, that God needs to change in my heart.  This song, really is what I need to do the still and know that God is God....let Him work, let him speak, let Him control, let Him move, while I stay still.


  1. Lucy, as much as I cherish my own children, I have cherished you. Thanks for all the joy you bring me everyday. I have so many wishes and prayers for this new year, but mostly I am just thankful for you. love you.

  2. You have blessed me by reminding me to keep my eyes on things that are eternal and not waste my precious time on "junk." I found your blog recently and have begun to pray for your sweet, beautiful Calli. She is so blessed to have parents who point her to a Sovereign God who never sleeps nor slumbers, never grows tired or weary, but who is in control of all things and loves His children with an everlasting love. That this is who God is and she knows it must be such a comfort to you. I so love the answer to the Heidelburg Catechism question #1 and especially the scriptures that confirm the truths there. As a family, we attempted to commit it to memory. You may be familiar with it, too. I won't quote it, but I know it would be a blessing to you. Will continue to pray for all of you.


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