Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Horse Farm

The first week of August, Calli & Mike were sick,and then she was well for a I asked what she wanted to do and there was one answer: Go to the horse Farm. 

So, we went down to my old stomping grounds, Four Maples, and watched one of her best friends jump with the horses!     Calli wanted to ride, and so did Aidan.  SO, they each took turns, and with some help from Jimmy and Sue, Calli got up and rode on her own.  Taking it slowly, and gently walking the horse around the ring, she was able to steady her own body and work on her balance.  Horse back riding has been proved a great therapy not only physically for balance but emotionally, and spiritually as well for your mood :)  She really enjoyed herself, and helped to cool off the horse when she was done. 

"I am not helping her!"  -Jimmy

Riding Boynton :)

When Aidan had a go at it, Jimmy did not know what to tell him :0   He has no fear, and well no training in horse back riding, especially not English saddle and just wanted to make the horse run and work hard :)  All boy!  Well, he did ok though, and the horse did not kick him off, so it was fun to see him smile.  He was such a good boy and helped Jimmy & Sue clean out some stalls.  As soon as Calli is up to it, we plan on going back again.

All in all, it was a good day :)  

<3 humble, simple, caring people

Telling Calli how much she knows she is gonna make it!

Nea <3

BOOMER!  Chasing Frogs :)



  1. AWWW! I love this post! Where is Four Maples? On Broad in Lansdale? That dog Boomer is adorable :)
    Aidan looked great on the horse, even if it was English! Cowboys are like that though, they can ride anything. And Calli, I am so impressed by you! And, okay jealous too (I want to go riding with you! Joe is an excellant rider!) But one thing, what was your horses name?? I'd like to know that. Oh, seeing Nia's pic, I said, 'Hmm, she looks so familiar!' haha.
    p.s. I like that hat too :) cutie-pie.

  2. Glad to see Calli is LIVING her life to it's fullest. Keep your spirits high and reach for the stars!

  3. I love Nea and her family : )
    And Boomer : ) of course!
    Aidan did a great job the day he went riding with us. He is a natural.


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