Tuesday, September 16, 2014


september is childhood cancer awareness month

not all ribbons are pink

childhood cancer's ribbon is GOLD

My Sweet Calli,
is one of 6
 Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation 
Calli had a Primary Spinal Cord Tumor
basically that means that her cancer originated 
IN her spinal cord, 
verses traveling there from another cancer somewhere else in the body...
Calli had a very rare and explosively aggressive brain cancer in her spinal cord
In case you were not aware, the spinal cord is considered part of the brain!


Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation has partnered with the CORD Foundation & joined forces to make an even bigger difference for children with spinal cord tumors! 

Did you know that you can host a lemonade stand in Calli's memory?

At any time during the year, you can host a lemonade stand event at work, at your school, in your community or just choose to donate to Calli's CORD FUND  Any & all monies raised, will go specifically to Calli's CORD Hero FUND!  

While you cannot help Calli anymore :(
You CAN still help other children struggling with Spinal cord/Brain Cancer!  
Calli really wanted to help the other kids with cancer, 
she wanted her life to matter, to make a difference.  
It is really simple to get started!  
To read more about the ALSF CORD FUND click on the link below!
Learn more

 To read more about our Hero Calli (Callahan), see link below! 
 To make a donation to Calli's CORD FUND, see this link!
 To host a stand, or have a pajama party at school, or create your own FUNdraising event in Calli's memory, see link below!

PLEASE be sure to choose Callahan Derstine (see above) as your Cord Hero when making a contribution or when choosing to host a stand or create another event.

Childhood Cancer Facts

Another way that you can help make a difference is to attend the 
hand-bell concert below- 
honoring the memory of three local 
child-brain-cancer heroes, 
including Calli!  

Want to smash someone in the face with a whipped cream pie???

I DID- I smashed myself!
Mike wanted me to do it again!
I am SURE that he wanted to smash my face :)
I look silly , I am in my pj's!  HA HA
I do not care :P
It is not about me, 
This is about our children!!!
I did it for Calli & challenged some friends to do it
Please have fun doing this & take pictures & a video 
and use the hashtag #whippingchildhoodcancer or #whippingchildhoodcancerchallenge 
& make a donation to the CORD FUND 

There are SO many orginizations that fund CHILDHOOD CANCER RESEARCH!  Research raises awareness, awareness raises dollars, dollars raise funds for cures geared specifically for children!
Lets make a difference in the war against childhood cancer


  1. I have checked many times and read you previous posts. You are such a blessing. I can't imagine your pain - but I can pray. I have sent you tokens of my fondness for you and sent e-mails. I know you are busy - any chance that we could get together? We are coming up for Christmas - any chance we could get together. We have a pretty buy schedule, but if it could work, would love it. Lois


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