Tuesday, November 8, 2011


We have been busy doing school here at home, and about the town.  We take 2 trips to  CHOP in Chalfont for PT each week, and Calli has been going bi-weekly to CHOP in Philadelphia for her infusions, appointments etc...

I have been a bit more lenient in our writing schedule :)  I am pretty sure I will title this years writing class as "Creative Writing."  I am finding that my children write much better, and enjoy it much more when I give them a little freedom.

So last week, I gave them a writing assignment- anything they wanted to write- essay, story, poem etc...but due by Friday- the theme was "Belonging."  I hope you enjoy the following poems that they wrote.  Yes they chose poetry.

by Aidan M. Derstine

I feel like I don't belong,
I really don't know why.
So I write this little poem,
To show you how I feel inside.

Maybe it's my big eyes,
Or my big stick-out ears...
Maybe it's my size,
Or my little nonsense fears.

Maybe it's my mouth,
When I crack a joke, or sigh...
Or sometimes when I shout,
And no one else knows why.

I really just want to be involved,
With family, friends or anyone.
I hope this all gets resolved,
So we can have a lot of fun.


by Callahan M. Derstine

To belong is to feel love.
To belong is not being kicked out...
When push comes to shove.

To belong is to feel confident...
And know you have a voice.
To belong is being accepted,
Even when you've made the wrong choice.

To belong you don't have............
        to look like everyone else.
Feeling like you belong,
Means you can be yourself.

I think they were both very well done!  We have had a lot of raw emotion here lately, and we are learning as a family how to deal, vent, and be ok with all of this.  Last week, Calli and I went to the funeral service of Chris Court.  It was the most beautiful service/mass I have ever been to.  I am not Catholic, and Calli was confused with what to say, or when to sit, but all in all, we went away with such peace, and it was a very anointed service.  They even sang at the end, the song "Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me......."  

I have written and erased so many posts...I have a lot of things brewing inside of my head....I don't understand why a 7 year old boy scout, Karate kid, full of life child died....I don't understand why a 5 year old blond-haired,  apple of her parents eye, Gabby, had to die.   I don't understand why My husband's father had to die...I could go on and on.  This is normal, we may never understand fully, until we see Jesus.  It is that simple.

People have their formulas and explanations, and judgments, of the whys.....and the how to's...I just think it is simple. I think God wants us, wants me, to become like a child, and just trust fully, that He has got it all figured out, so I don't have to.  There is a blessed calm, and peace and rest when I give up trying and asking and wondering why.

Tomorrow, Mike and I will be taking Calli down to CHOP for her 4 hour long MRI.  This time, they are putting her to sleep with an anesthesiologist.

His grace is sufficient for us!


  1. Who said you've got big ears that stick out, Aidan??? I've never noticed!! You're too busy being a boy :) Love you and love you're family. Never under estimate the love of a younger brother. Especially at a time like this. She may not admit it ;) BUT Calli needs you big guy.

  2. I think your poems are AWESOME, Calli and Aidan!! I love you both so very much!!! OXOXOX Aunt Terri

  3. Calli & Aidan your poems were awesome & brought tears to my eyes......you both ALWAYS belong here with us! WE LOVE YOU BOTH very much, never doubt that!! Your are both perfect the way you are!

    Lucy, I know you have so much your holding in, to be strong for everyone else.....if you ever want/need to let it out, let me know...I'm here for you to listen or whatever you need!

    We are always praying for all of you & your ALWAYS in my/our thoughts.....we will be saying extra prayers tomorrow morning when Calli has her MRI, hoping things go well for her this time!


    Aunt Lori

  4. Well guys, the writing talent apparently runs in the family :)
    Both poems so expressive, showing us your heart.
    Per the MRI, it will be fine. Scripture says, "And we know that things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose."
    It doesn't say some things, but all things - I suppose that includes cancer too.
    I know that He has a purpose in all this - a purpose for Calli and, her family too. <3

  5. They are really great writers those children of yours. Fantastic!


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